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Master Facility Planning for Lincoln Campus
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Dear Lincoln Community,

Immediately after the October break, Lincoln will engage in a series of workshops with Flansburgh Architects. This is the start of some very exciting plans for Lincoln. Please read on for more information.

Six years ago, Lincoln developed a Master Facility Plan. Some renovations were made to the cafeteria and various other areas. Since then, a new mission and strategic plan were developed, we have new leadership across the school, and we are enduring the challenges of a global pandemic and economic fluctuations in Argentina. Our Board of Governors has carefully considered these current circumstances and made an important decision to renew attention to improving Lincoln’s facilities in a thoughtful, methodical, and comprehensive manner, keeping in mind current circumstances and evolving needs. 

With that in mind, we have engaged Flansburgh Architects, an internationally known leader in the planning and design of educational facilities, to guide us in reviewing the existing Master Plan, revisiting the proposed elementary design, gathering relevant information about the campus, and becoming familiar with regulatory restrictions and site opportunities. Having worked with many international schools around the world, as well as receiving national design awards, the Flansburgh team will bring a wealth of knowledge to support the Board in making decisions for the long term needs of the school. During the week of October 18th, they will conduct a three day master plan programming workshop in which they will interview faculty, students, staff, parents and Board members regarding the existing plans and use of spaces, including outdoor playground spaces, the pool and athletic facilities, and the theater. We are planning on two other additional Design Workshops as well, and it is our hope that they will be able to visit our campus for both workshops. 

It is so important that we continue to look ahead and plan for the future of Lincoln, despite the challenges of our circumstances today. Continuous improvement is the heartbeat of high quality organizations that are always seeking ways to stay competitive and proactive. I look forward to reporting more to you following this work!

I wish all of you a very happy and relaxing October break!


Madeleine Maceda Heide


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