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International Dot Day

Library, technology and art collaborated on an elementary school-wide project for International Dot Day this week. Dot Day is based on a story by Peter H. Reynolds. A little girl named Vashti believes she cannot draw. Encouraged by her teacher, she starts with just a dot. By the end of the book, Vashti is the one encouraging other kids to “make their mark.” International Dot Day is now celebrated in schools in 196 countries. Here is a message from Peter H. Reynolds 

Thank you so much to the parents who helped prepare the materials at home! 

ms/hs library

Our Middle and High School library is busy every day with students and teachers using it for a variety of purposes. As the “hub” of the school, this is certainly what we want to see! Here is glimpse from the past week:

 MS recess/lunch,  MS Spanish class


Melissa Cavender, Elementary School Librarian
Martha Langille, Middle School/High School Librarian