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ES-MS-HS Libraries

We are compiling library orders for the coming school year. Please let the librarians know if you have any suggestions by using the Ask Ms. Melissa and Ask Ms. Martha forms. These forms can also be used to provide any input on our library programs. We would love to hear from you!

Volunteering in the Library

Did you know that parents may volunteer in either library? Parents can create displays, shelve books, label items, organize spaces, prepare teaching materials and more. Volunteers bring a fresh eye and amazing skills to our school. If you are interested, please contact the librarians.


HS Anime Club 

This club meets weekly to share and discuss animé films. To date they have also produced two beautiful publications that can be found online and in the library! 

Read the Anime Club Magazine Number 2: Terror in Resonance 

All parents are encouraged to use our library. Please contact one of the librarians to learn more about setting up your own account. 

Melissa Cavender, Elementary School Librarian
Martha Langille, Middle School/High School Librarian