health form instructions

All students must submit this form every school year

All forms can be found in Spanish & English.


The Health Package has 4 forms:

  • Page 1-2  should be completed and signed by the student’s parents/guardians.

  • Page 3 should be completed by a medical doctor licensed in Argentina.
  • Page 4 should be completed by a dentist.

Note: New students arriving from abroad may submit the medical health certificate from a doctor not certified in Argentina. However, they must submit the updated certificate completed by a doctor licensed in Argentina within the first month of attendance at Lincoln. 

For every new school year, we will be soliciting that families turn in a new Health Form Package during the first month of classes at Lincoln in August. This applies to all Lincoln students, new incoming students and students that are already enrolled. Students will have one month after the first day of the school year to turn in their Health Form Package, after this period if students have not turned in the corresponding Health Forms they will not be able to participate in physical activity at school (Physical education classes or certain After School Activities)The date on the Health Forms must be from JUNE of this year onward, any Health Form completed before the month of JUNE will not be valid for the new school year. The documents turned in during this period are valid during the entire school year, therefore, a new Health Form Package will be solicited at the beginning of the next school year. 

All pages of the form should be submitted by:

  • Returning students: August 20th. Students who have not submitted the form by this date will not be allowed to participate in PE, after-school activities, or any other activities after the due date. Completed forms should be submitted to the ES, MS, or HS secretaries.
  • New students: Health Form and the medical/dental certificate must be submitted with the admission package (see the note above). New students may not begin classes at Lincoln until their medical and dental certificate has been submitted. Completed forms should be submitted to Admissions.

Should you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.

  Health Form