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The Lincoln Counselors promote learning and personal growth by offering a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate, and accessible student centered counseling program.

Lincoln's student-centered Counseling Program is designed to support growth in the areas of academic, social, emotional, and career achievement through the delivery of developmentally appropriate, evidence based lessons, activities, and support services.  This program is available to all students and complements and enhances the broader school program.

Lincoln's Counseling Program supports  a safe learning environment and works to safeguard the rights of all members of the school community, fostering a welcoming, inclusive school climate that prioritizes student dignity and culture.

Our counselors address the needs of all students through prevention and intervention programs that are part of a comprehensive school counseling curriculum which is based on the International School Counselor Association's (ISCA) International Model for School Counseling Programs. 

Counselors at AEL work collaboratively with all stakeholders with the vision that our students will become kind and ethical members of a global community.

We believe that all students:


  • Should feel safe , supported, and accepted
  • Contribute to the school community
  • Develop the ability to produce solutions to their own problems
  • Are capable of change & growth

All Lincoln counselors:


  • Are student focused
  • Work as a professional learning community
  • Are available to collaborate with students, parents, teachers, and administrators
  • Have access to current resources & Professional Development
  • Participate in planning, designing, implementing, and evaluating the comprehensive school counseling program 



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Middle School


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High School

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Transition Groups for Students

As we welcome new friends to our school, they are included in our ‘First Friend’ program.  There are several meetings with the counselor to support getting to know other students in an informal setting. Small groups of students who are leaving Lincoln meet with the counselor to learn and share with others about their transition, feelings and emotions around the move and to work on strategies to help them leave well so they can experience a smooth transition  to their new home. 


Counselor Book Clubs for Parents

 These occur twice a year for parents in all divisions.  We read and discuss current books of interest to parents. 


Parenting Group

We encourage parents to be involved in their children's growth and development.   A comprehensive parenting group for people with children ages 5-12 using interactive material from Active Parenting 4th edition is offered each semester.



Transition Meetings for Parents

When families join or leave our community, we gather to talk about topics surrounding this transition.  Topics included are: the transition cycle, raising children outside of one’s ‘home culture’, feelings and emotions during a transition and strategies for smooth transitions.

Child Protection Policy

As protector of children, the school fill a special institutional role. At Lincoln we seek to ensure that all children grow and develop in a safe and secure environment.


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Lincoln Safeguarding Policy and Handbook