Lunch Service


We believe that our student’s diet is one of the principal foundations for their health and proper development.

Our team’s main goal is to educate students to eat in a varied and healthy manner from an early age. 

AEL has a spacious area to provide an ideal environment for the Lincoln community to enjoy Lunchtime. The Lunch Service is provided by a cafeteria service company called COOK’S.

Please feel welcome to enroll in the Cafeteria Lunch Service.  You can also send Lunch from home, taking all the necessary precautions to keep the food well preserved.

Cafeteria Menu

To download the menu, please click in the image below.

First page of the PDF file: MenuOctubre2021English


Please note that if your student was already registered for the Cafeteria service before, you should register again.

Lunch service will be begin on August 11th.

Please note that in case of cancellations, each month is billed in full.  Cancellations or Sign-ups should be sent before 20th of the previous month that you are signing up for.  Students initiate the lunch service at the beginning of each month.  (e.g. signing up June 21-July 20th for be added as of August 1st , cancelling July 21-August 20th to be removed as of September 1st)

Students are also welcome to purchase daily tickets with section secretaries, in the event that you are not interested in purchasing the full month. 

2021-2022 Semester 1 Costs (in Argentine Pesos):

Daily value with Monthly fee:
Kinder $ 500
Grades 1-12 $ 600

Daily value with individual lunch ticket:
Gr. K-12: $ 650



Special Diets?

IMPORTANT:  If your child needs a special or specific diet, is allergic to any food, celiac or may suffer any other food-related condition, please contact the Wellness Center.