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At Lincoln, we encourage all students to participate in our Athletics Program. We believe that participating in these activities is a vital part of their educational experience.


The Athletics Program at Lincoln has an inclusive approach towards participation, skills, sportsmanship and friendly competition. Through their participation in Athletics, students also learn about responsibility and commitment to the school, to the activity and to themselves and their peers.

Athletics is also a great way for students to interact with each other and to learn to work as a team: to plan, share a common goal, support and enjoy time together. Lincoln offers many opportunities for students to play against other teams in both national and international events. 

Every year, condors participate in a variety of sports events where  they get to know other students from around the country and the world. Our teams travel abroad and get a chance to know new places and cultures as they are hosted by local students and their families; or, when Lincoln becomes host, they receive students at their homes and on our campus, showing our visitors around our amazing community and city. Lincoln participates in the SAAC tournaments, athletics events organized by the South American Athletics Conference; while also providing local opportunities like Torneos Zona Norte, Aden, Copa taylor, Copa Cóndors, Torneo Interuniversitario (organized by UDESA, Universidad del Salvador), LEN and FANNBA. 

Our Athletics Program includes:

Track & Field

aFter School Activities

We believe that the opportunity for participation in a variety of activities is a vital part of a student’s educational experience.  Our dedicated coaches, faculty and staff  train and encourage our students to achieve their goals while pursuing activities that they are passionate about and trying out new things.  Providing our students with over 60 sports and activities gives our Condors the opportunity to make healthy choices, discover and develop their potential, inspire creative expression, stimulate innovation, and forge leadership abilities.

Participating in extracurricular activities helps to facilitate social, emotional and developmental growth of our students.  The athletics and activities programs stress commitment and discipline from all participants, making this a great way to learn to organize a balanced and realistic weekly schedule.

hurdle in middle school
Soccer team
Girl participating in SAAC Swimming
Girls soccer smiles under the rain
Girl jumps to shoot  durng basketball
Middle school students about to begin a race
Girls smiles at SAAC Soccer
Lincoln wins second place at SAAC Soccer 2019
Girls after competing in track & field
boys basketball team hugging
girls practising basketball
Lincoln Swimming Team 2019
Girls playing volleyball
Volleyball Match
SAAC Volleyball team
Girl participating in hurdles race
Girls share podium
Volleyball match




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