Student support services

Learning in a diverse environment is beneficial for all learners, teachers, and our community. Our Learning Support teams comprise certified and experienced special educators who help integrate all of our students' different learning needs.

At Lincoln we provide support for students at all grade levels in a manner determined on a case by case basis taking into account how best to meet the students’ needs and the number of students in that grade level currently receiving support. Great care is taken to determine the type of services requested/required for the student to be successful and the manner in which these services will be provided. Admissions decisions are based on a careful assessment of each student’s strengths and needs. An offer of admittance is made when the Admissions Committee has reviewed all of the information requested, and it is determined that AEL can meet the student’s needs with the services we provide and/or can access locally. Full disclosure and open communication are critical in ensuring an appropriate placement. Failure to disclose information related to learning needs may result in the withdrawal of an offer of admission.

Learning Support Program

We believe that students with learning needs excel when expectations set for them are high but attainable. Every student who enters our Learning Support program is serviced through an Individualized Learning Plan, that is custom and thorough. Once a student is admitted to our school, we work diligently to collaborate and provide the best services possible for students to reach their full academic potential.  We differentiate and scaffold instruction with accommodations in the regular classroom setting. Some students may receive additional support with Learning Support staff and best efforts are always made to provide the least restrictive setting possible given the structure of our school. Our support staff  collaborates with teachers on a regular basis to aid with small group instruction, assessment, and co-teach where appropriate.

Language Programs

Students whose first language is not English are part of our ELL (English Language Learner) program until Native English Language Proficiency is acquired. In addition, because we are a bilingual school, all students enrolled at Lincoln are also enrolled in a Spanish class determined by placement evaluation.

The overarching goal is that students who are enrolled for the long term will eventually reach Native Level Proficiency in both English and Spanish. Lincoln’s Language Support Program is different for each grade level and language support that is needed. Students are not admitted with no or low proficiency levels of English from grade 6 up (more details on levels for admittance is found below). Students who arrive from abroad with no Spanish proficiency in grade 12 may require additional support in Spanish beyond the school year in order to receive the Argentine bachillerato diploma.




Director of Student Support Services


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