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message from the ms principal 

Dear MS Parents, Students and Staff, 

I hope you are all well and enjoying the wonderful warm spring weather.  I would like to congratulate our MS actors for sharing their talent with us in an original production of a Christmas Carol this week.  It was wonderful to see the students taking creative risks and supporting each other on the stage.  

I would also like to extend a warm thank-you to a group of 8 brave parents that presented to our students this week about their career pathways. The students were engaged and interested to hear about your career and educational experiences. It is so motivating and valuable for them to hear from their family, friends, and people in their community about the world of work to help inspire their current and future success. We plan to host another opportunity in the second semester to involve parents again. We look forward to involving more of you!


from our counselors

 As the semester is wrapping up, you may notice your children are busier completing projects, assignments, and preparing for tests. When a grading period is ending, there is naturally a little more work and with that comes a little more stress. Stress is a normal part of life and not always a bad thing. Some stress can help a person focus and complete tasks. Here are some resources for you and your child to learn more about stress. 


If you notice that your child has been experiencing a high level of stress that interferes with their ability to manage and they are unable to find ways to release and relieve some of that stress, please feel welcome to come talk to me.


coming up

December 14:  Grade 8 Spanish (Prácticas del Lenguaje group) field trip
December 15:  Final Assembly
December 17:  Activities with water/ despedida:  

Have a restful weekend!    
Dr. Tracy Arnold (Head of Middle School)
Stacy Hassler (Middle School Counselor)