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message from the ms principal 

Dear MS Parents, Students and Staff, 

As we approach the end of the school year we would like to thank our PAL representatives for their support throughout the year.  This year they have helped us with their feedback and communication, to organize special events for the students and organizing special treats for our teachers.  We are very grateful for the support of all our parents and the extra help that our PAL representatives have given us.  

Grade 8 promotion ceremony will be held on Wednesday, June 14 at 9:00 -10:00 on campus in our Auditorium. Grade 6 and grade 7 students will all be present at the event to both support our grade 8 students and be inspired by their progress. We ask all students and guests attending the event to dress in semi-formal attire to show respect for the importance of the ceremony. We also kindly request all guests wear masks to help us all keep healthy while seated in the same space. 
To continue to celebrate the day, we will be having a dance on campus from 13:00-14:00 during normal class time before the early release time of 14:00. Grade 8 students are welcome to leave campus after the promotion ceremony if parents have completed the form sent to indicate they will leave and the name of the person leaving with, but are also very welcome to stay to dance with us as middle school students one more time. 


Special recognition:  Gauss Mathematics Contest

On Tuesday, May 24, THIRTY students sat the Gauss Mathematics Contest (that's about one quarter of our entire Middle School!). Congratulations to all who bravely participated!  The winners are as follows: 

Grade 6-7

1st: Milo Albrecht

2nd: Palak Kriplani

3rd: Leo Dickerson

Grade 8

1st (tie): Jaya Dickerson and Alex Ahumada

3rd: Ian Cueli Francis


Olimpíada Matemática Argentina

On Thursday, May 26, Alex Ahumada and Paula Crisostomo represented Lincoln along with 5 high school students in the intercollegiate Olimpíada Matemática Argentina. Their solid performances look to land them in the Zonal round at the end of June. Congratulations, Alex and Paula! 

Special recognition: LatinThinks Design Challenge

On May 25-28, a group of our  7th and grade 8th students participated in a Design Conference alongside other international schools in Latin America (Peru, Chile, Paraguay, and Brazil). It was a very intense, creative, and challenging experience. But the main takeaway was the collaboration and new skills they learned. 
The theme for this year was Apocalyptic innovation. The teams had to come up with solutions for a world where fuel has run out and everything is contaminated. 
We are very proud to announce that our students did amazing in the Clean Energy category!  Nate Marshall won an honorable mention for his project Solar Sanctuary,  and Vivian Monteiro, Manav Purswani, and Jacobo Sanz Arias won Most outstanding for their project Eco Headquarters!  
For more information on this event CLICK HERE.  


Focus On Learning  

Grade 8 Math:  As part of a unit on Linear Functions students were asked to design a picture using at least 20 straight lines.  The picture had to include:  


  • At least 4 lines with different positive slopes
  • At least 4 lines with different negative slopes
  • 3 lines with slopes of zero
  • 3 lines with undefined slopes

As an extension, student were encouraged to: Use quadratic functions (or other functions) that resulted in curves. Click HERE to view a presentation with examples of student work!  

Grade 6 Spanish (SLL):  On Thursday May 26th the 6th grade Spanish class shared their projects with the community.  The project was titled:  “Scientists of the Future, an invention for the garbage problem”. 

The subjects involved in this project were Design, Ciencias Sociales and Spanish with the aim of coming up with a creative solution for the garbage problem. During these clases, students learned content and academic vocabulary in relation to the environment, grammatical structures and a new verbal mode for them: the imperative. Students identified the garbage problem in our community and, after considering possible solutions, they created their own imaginary machine. With the help of the Design Department, they used recycled materials and technological resources from our Makerspace. 

Students presented the final model of their invention, an instruction handbook and a video tutorial. These final products demonstrated content understanding across subjects and an opportunity to expand their vocabulary. In addition, they were part of a significant experience to develop not only their language skills, but also their skills as communicators and agents of change in the community.  Congratulations to our grade 6 students for showing us how well their language skills have developed this year!  


Upcoming Events:  

  • June 10 9:00 a.m.  Grade 6 Juramento a la Bandera
  • June 15: 9:00 a.m. Grade 8 promotion ceremony
  • June 16: Last day of school. Dismissal at 10:00


Thank you for your support of Lincoln, our staff and our programs.  Have a restful weekend!    
Dr. Tracy Arnold (Head of Middle School)
Stacy Hassler (Middle School Counselor)