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message from the ms principal 

Dear MS Parents, Students and Staff, 

This week's parent coffee for MS families was about parenting with technology. We had a great conversation about how to support our children while using technology. We recognize there are great benefits to the digital and potential negative consequences that can occur from exposure and usage. We shared ideas about how to help them be better digital citizens while balancing their well-being including: become informed and curious about what apps, games, websites, and shows your child is interacting with; setting routines and expectations that involve your child’s' input, and monitoring time, content, and presence in a way that opens discussions about impact. Here are some of the resources that were shared in this meeting.  

This conversation came at a good time because over the last few weeks we have had a few reports of students over-using and being unkind or inappropriate on different chat groups on Google and What’s App. As parents, you have the right and responsibility to help to monitor your child’s involvement in chat groups and social media. This allows you to help your child learn how to navigate what to do after they make a mistake and also help them learn how they can get involved if they see other people being inappropriate. 
To help support your expectations for your child, it is important to reflect on your own usage because you are a role model, even in the adolescent years. If you want your child to not bring technology to meal time, have tech-free bedtime, and be mindful of how much they share online, it will be easier to accomplish if you set the example.   In a recent report that we received, it was also clear that students were sending text messages late at night, when they were tired and not making good decisions about their interactions.  This is another reason to limit teens 


Our middle school students welcomed students from the Uruguayan American School on Thursday, for our Friendship Meet in the areas of basketball, football, volleyball and swimming.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to meet international students and further develop their team play and sportsmanship skills. 

Friendship Meet with the Uruguayan American School
Friendship Meet with the Uruguayan American School
Friendship Meet with the Uruguayan American School


Upcoming Events:  

  • May 24 9:00 All school Leaving Lincoln Parent meeting with counselors on Zoom
  • June 10 9:00 a.m.  Grade 6 Juramento a la Bandera
  • June 15: 9:00 a.m. Grade 8 promotion ceremony
  • June 16: Last day of school. Dismissal at 10:00


Thank you for your support of Lincoln, our staff and our programs.  Have a restful weekend!    
Dr. Tracy Arnold (Head of Middle School)
Stacy Hassler (Middle School Counselor)