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message from the ms principal 

Dear MS Parents, Students and Staff, 

We hope you are all well.  As we approach the end of the school year, we are planning transitions for our grade 5 and 8 students.  Next week, grade 5 students will shadow grade 6 students and our grade 8 students will join high schoolers for an assembly and Q&A session.  If you are leaving Lincoln and moving on to a new community, don’t miss out on a special online session on the 24th to help you and your family during this time of transition.  

MS Assemblies 

Things have been fun and lively in Middle School.  This week, I would like to congratulate the homerooms of Ms. Rey and Ms. Awada for the assembly they hosted on Wednesday morning.  The event started with a tribute to Star Wars (May the 4th be with you….), including connections between famous Star Wars characters and our ALLS (Attributes of a Lincoln Learner).  The students continued with references to other recent celebrations, including Earth Day and the work of our Eco Team, Poetry month with a poem shared by Dante (G6) and a presentation of students sharing greetings in their own languages in recognition of World Languages Day.   Allegra (G6) and Lillian (G7) also shared personal reflections on their Lincoln Learner profile.  Of course no assembly would be complete with a Kahoot, and this time it was a game of 2 truths and lie where we found out that our teachers are very good at inventing stories!  We would like to share two highlights of the assembly.  

  1. PI Day winner Paula throwing a pie after memorizing 125 digits

  2. MS teachers share their dance moves with students to the tune of “Oye, abre tus ojos”.  

Thank you to all the teachers and students that have worked hard to host our monthly assemblies this year!  


Learning Highlights:



Social Studies 7 with Ms. Rey:  As part of the last Social Studies unit of the year, seventh grade students will create a podcast. They will conduct research  and consider different areas of concern. As an introduction to podcasts, seventh graders are learning about the characteristics of an effective podcast and have designed and recorded podcasts on topics of their choice.  Here are two examples the podcasters agreed to share as "practice podcasts."

  1. The FilmZilla Podcast by Olivia and Carolina

  2. Living Out Loud Podcast by Valentina, Emilia, Maia & Sol


Mathematics Challenge Results:  On Thursday, April 6, students voluntarily participated in a Math Challenge during lunch. Each grade level had its own competition, so there were 3 different winners. 

A huge thanks to all that came out and tried these challenging problems, and congratulations to the winners listed below! 

Grade 6: Anne Prass, Simon Gracia Vega, Paula de la Rica, Owen O’Hearn
Grade 7: Palak Kriplani, Jacobo Sanz Arias, Vivian Monteiro
Grade 8:  Arnau Maurelia, Mateo Lee, Isaac Peebles, Paula Crisostomo, Alex Ahumada, Ian Cueli Francis, Mellisa Masli Najidi, Edward Forrest, Lina Gjorgjevikj, Jaya Dickerson, Zahirah Mohd Faisal

Grade 6: Paula de la Rica
Grade 7: Palak Kriplani
Grade 8: Paula Crisostomo/Mateo Lee (tie)

To see examples of the work from our winners click on this document.  



change in counseling 

I, Stacy Hassler will be repatriating back to the US in June after school lets out. I have enjoyed my time at Lincoln and am sad to leave this community. I am following the hopes and dreams of my daughter who wants to be in the US to become more involved in the arts.  
Before the year ends, we want to introduce you to the counselor who will be joining Lincoln MS next year, Amy Copeland. I have already been meeting with Amy to help make the transition smooth and will continue to meet with her through the opening of next school year. As always, Carolina Nicolini will be working throughout winter break to continue to help with any transcript and recommendation needs. 

Here is an introduction note from Amy:

Hi there Asociación Escuelas Lincoln Middle School community. My name is Amy and I will be joining the middle school team as the middle school counselor this coming school year. I am very much looking forward to helping our students navigate those, sometimes, tricky years of their adolescence. 
I am originally from Scotland, and after coaching soccer in the USA, I went into education- teaching sports and special education, before completing my journey into counseling. I have worked in international schools over the past 17 years and I have been fortunate enough to work in Moscow, Beijing, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Almaty and Abu Dhabi.
One thing I am really looking forward to is getting to know the whole middle school community and finding out how you would like to be supported in the coming academic year. 
Looking forward to meeting you soon!
Have a wonderful holiday and safe travels,
Kind regards,

*CORRECTION:  Last week we posted the MS Parent Coffee as happening on Friday, May 13th.  This was a typing mistake.  The correct date is Thursday, May 19th, as originally on the calendar.  

Upcoming Events:  


  • May 11: Grade 5 students shadow Grade 6 students; Grade 8 students visit to HS
  • May 19: MS Parent Coffee / Topic, parenting with technology*
  • May 19-21 Friendship meet (soccer, basketball & swimming
  • May 24 @ 9: All school Leaving Lincoln Parent meeting with counselors on Zoom
  • June 15: 9:00 a.m. Grade 8 promotion ceremony
  • June 16: Last day of school. Dismissal at 10:00

Thank you for your support of Lincoln, our staff and our programs.  Have a restful weekend!    
Dr. Tracy Arnold (Head of Middle School)
Stacy Hassler (Middle School Counselor)