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message from the ms principal 

Dear MS Parents, Students and Staff, 

At this midpoint of the semester, I hope you all feel that your child has settled into positive routines and is being successful in middle school.  This week, the assembly groups of Ms. Richardson and Ms. Moyano led our assembly with a focus on “learners as self navigators.”  Their focus in particular was on the importance of building relationships and being inclusive of others.  

Learner as Self Navigator

  1. Self-Monitor: Cultivates a growth mindset towards understanding own emotions, thoughts, and behavior and is motivated to develop interests and pursue goals with a sense of purpose and efficacy.
  2. Self-Manager: Prepares for learning, plans for timelines and completion of work, manages own emotions, thoughts, and behaviors effectively in different situations, and contributes positively to school culture and climate. 
  3. Relationship Builder: Establishes, maintains, and advocates for healthy and supportive relationships with culturally diverse individuals and groups, collaborates with empathy and works effectively in teams, while resisting negative social pressure, resolving conflicts constructively, and seeking or offering help when needed.

As a parent, if you would like to read more on how you can support your child in the development of inclusive attitudes and behaviors, we encourage you to read this article:  11 Ways to Teach Kids to Be Inclusive of Others


This afternoon, you will receive an email with your child’s progress report.  These reports will describe students’ learning progress to date based on the attributes of a Lincoln Learner and work submitted in each of their classes.  As mentioned last week, we have unified our descriptors to provide continuity across the whole school. At this point of the year, teachers will be reporting on three levels of achievement, which are described below.   


Mid-Semester 1 Progress Report Descriptors

Not Enough Evidence Yet



The learner is not yet demonstrating their understanding of the required knowledge and skills.


There has been very limited or no evidence of meeting the learning objectives. 

The learner is progressing toward becoming consistent in demonstrating their understanding of the required knowledge and skills.


Evidence suggests the learner is partially meeting the learning objectives.

The learner is consistently demonstrating their understanding of the required knowledge and skills. 


Evidence suggests the learner is meeting the learning objectives.


Message from the MS Counselor

We all want your children to be successful here at school! There are different ways to measure success. Getting “Meeting” on your report card is one way to measure success. However, it is not the only way. Setting goals and seeing improvement is another. If you see ”Not enough evidence yet” or “Approaching” on your child’s report card, this presents an opportunity for growth, and growth is a measure of success. You can help create this opportunity by having a conversation that encourages your child to identify a specific behavior they could do to improve their learning and performance in that class. Some behaviors you may identify are: checking over work before turning it in; asking teacher or classmates for feedback; keeping a more detailed planner; checking Schoology every night when beginning homework; go to the teacher during office hours on Thursday or Friday morning or after lunch; go slower on tests and assignments. Identifying strategies to improve a situation is an important life skill. 

Stacy Hassler

Student led conferences and individual conferences by request

On Monday November 1 and Tuesday November 2, we will have our first round of (virtual) conferences.  Please note that this is a change of date from what was originally posted in the calendar and will allow all three sections of the school to have their conferences on the same days.  The conferences will have two parts, one part will be led by the student together with their advisor and parents. This will be a reflection on their progress to date and goals, set by the student, for their academic growth.  The second part will allow for families to sign-up for individual conferences with different teachers.  

upcoming celebrations

Our student council is working on plans for an after-school celebration on the 29th of October with our MS students.  We are planning on games, fun food, and a movie night.  We will be sending out details about this soon with a request for support from our parent community.  

Coffee morning coming up  

Our next coffee morning will be on October 21st and we will be sharing information related to our math program in middle school and how it transitions into our HS program as well as additional information to answer questions related to assessment and reporting.  

News from the Library

Our library offers many resources to support reading and learning in both English and Spanish. The library's Destiny catalog can be accessed here to search for items found in our library as well as to access digital resources. 
Various resources will be highlighted here from time to time. This week we highlight World Book, an excellent online student encyclopedia that offers reliable information on a wide variety of topics. Articles can be read in many languages and can be accessed at different reading levels, too.
Please know that we encourage parent use of the library. To request an account or learn more about our library program, please contact our librarian, Ms. Martha at
Have a restful holiday week!    

Dr. Tracy Arnold (Head of Middle School)


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