Meet the Incoming MS Principal

From the Middle School acting Principal


Meet the incoming MS Principal, Dr. Tracy Arnold!

This week, our awesome Student Council, led by Ms. Stacy Hassler had the opportunity to meet Dr. Arnold. Check it out! 

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Sharing Student Learning

Take a look at some fantastic Grade 8 Linear Design Projects from Mr. Michael Jobe’s math class!

And in Mr. David Tomasini’s Trimester 3 music class MS students had the opportunity to choose between 4 different music modules:
Instrumental Performance where students could check an instrument out from the school or practice on one of their own and advance at their own personal level.
Vocal Performance where students worked on developing vocal techniques and recording music with Soundtrap.
Music Composition & Production where students developed their music technology skills navigating Digital Audio Workstations and producing their own music.
Musical Investigations where students created their own podcasts on the history of music while investigating two unique musical cultures.

With the help of Mr. Ignacio, Mr. Fabricio, and Ms. Leila students were guided by four teachers at Lincoln and encouraged to grow their musical skills, creations, and investigations to new levels during online learning. Please CLICK HERE to celebrate the wide variety of musical performances and presentations created by our students.


From the Middle School counselor

Before you say goodbye to this school year, take a few minutes for you and your family to reflect so that you can have some ideas to prepare for the next school year. Questions that can help: What is something you used a lot to help you with your learning?; What tools did you need to do your work that you did not have?; What worked well for you to learn and do work in your study space at home?; What improvements could we make to your work/study space?; Is there something about your personal style you want to try or change?
These questions may help you make a shopping and a to-do list for the break. I know most of us hope we will go back to campus full time in August. Whether we do or not, there will always be a need in middle school and high school to do work at home. It is important to have a good area always ready for your learner. 
One more tip - Help your child to find ways to spend most of their time off of technology during the break. Our brains need that down time to reset. Some ideas that you can do inside or outside: scavenger hunts, obstacle courses, clean out rooms,  learn new home skills, cook new foods, write in a journal (gratitude journaling), read (including magazines), art, create music, sing and dance, family led exercise, board and card games, and time spent talking with family and friends. You can take turns having different family members organize activities. Whatever you choose, I hope you all stay safe and healthy.