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message from the ms principal 

Dear MS Parents, Students and Staff, 

Thank you for your continued support and participation in our conferences this week. We value our learning partnership and hope that the conversations held set our students up for success.   

Next week, students will be taking our second semester MAP (measure of academic progress) tests.  They will take online tests in the area of mathematics, reading and language usage.  Students do not need to study for these tests, but they will benefit if they are well-rested and have a healthy breakfast.  

As we approach the end of the year, we want MS families to know that, although we do not have a formal exam schedule for the end of the year, students will be submitting assignments and completing work through the 10th of June.  The following week, we have closing activities in our classes, our grade 8 promotion on June 15th and a final celebration on Thursday, June 16th.  We encourage families to take these dates into consideration when planning travel or other activities.  

learning highlight 

Grade 8 students recently finished a math unit on transformations.  For their final challenge, they needed to:  
Create a design using at least 5 transformations. 

  • The design must be completed on a coordinate plane.
  • If you create a shape, it must be transformed somewhere else. 
  • You must include at least one of each type of transformation: translation, reflection, rotation, dilation/enlargement. 
  • You must also include at least one sequence of transformations, separate from the ones above (using at least two transformations). 
  • You should fully describe at least one of each transformation, listing the starting and ending coordinates of your sequence of transformations.

Click here to enjoy examples of student work!  



Talking about important topics at home

As parents of an adolescent, you are probably having many conversations about the importance of good organization and study habits, balancing time on technology with time spent connecting face-to-face with people, having healthy eating and sleeping habits, and reminding them to take care of other areas of daily well-being and care because those topics come up a lot in the home. It is a good time as a parent to stop and think back on this school year’s conversations to see if other very important topics have come up in discussions like: puberty, dating, drugs / alcohol, and mental health. Even though it may sometimes not seem like it, your children are looking for guidance and education from you on these topics. It is recommended to have many small conversations with your child throughout the adolescent years, instead of just one big conversation in which you tell them your expectations. It can be hard to start talking about these topics. A good way is to tie them into the movies and shows you are watching together or things you see posted in your child chat groups and social media. You can open the conversation by asking these 2 questions: What do you think about this?; What do you know about this?
Here is a resource with more tips that can help. 


Upcoming Events:  


  • May 11: Grade 5 students shadow Grade 6 students; Grade 8 students visit to HS

  • May 13: MS Parent Coffee / Topic, parenting with technology

  • May 24 @ 9: All school Leaving Lincoln Parent meeting with counselors on Zoom

  • June 15: Grade 8 promotion ceremony

  • June 16: Last day of school. Dismissal at 10:00

Thank you for your support of Lincoln, our staff and our programs.  Have a restful week!    
Dr. Tracy Arnold (Middle School Principal)
Stacy Hassler (Middle School Counselor)