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Dear MS Parents, Students and Staff, 

We can’t wait to leave on our MS learning expeditions next week.  As we prepare for these trips, and send out final reminders to parents and students alike, I would like to highlight one way that these trips reflect our Lincoln values.  At Lincoln we say that:  

Learning is the intentional process of making sense of the world through exploration, expression, and reflection. The journey of life-long learning is transformative, inspires action, and opens new pathways.

We also define the attributes of a successful Lincoln learner in statements that we refer to as the ALLs.  Within these statements we highlight the importance of learners as Self Navigators with these qualities.  

  1. Self-Monitor: Cultivates a growth mindset towards understanding own emotions, thoughts, and behavior and is motivated to develop interests and pursue goals with a sense of purpose and efficacy.
  2. Self-Manager: Prepares for learning, plans for timelines and completion of work, manages own emotions, thoughts, and behaviors effectively in different situations, and contributes positively to school culture and climate. 
  3. Relationship Builder: Establishes, maintains, and advocates for healthy and supportive relationships with culturally diverse individuals and groups, collaborates with empathy and works effectively in teams, while resisting negative social pressure, resolving conflicts constructively, and seeking or offering help when needed.

We believe that our MS learning expeditions will give students the opportunity to practice these skills in a new, exciting environment.   As educators, we often talk about not knowing if a student has really learned until they are able to apply their knowledge in new situations.  It is exciting to be able to accompany our students on these trips and to be able facilitate their growth as self navigators.  We encourage you as parents to talk with your children when they return about their experiences and personal growth as a result of this learning experience.  Please be attentive to a separate communication that will go out to parents in each grade level on Friday with contact information and final reminders for drop off, pick up and packing.  Thanks – Dr. Tracy Arnold 



Ms. Dai Agradnik wants to congratulate all the MS Students who have joined the School Jump Off Global competition.The school Jump Off is a school-based jump rope competition where schools from all around the world joined and challenged themselves in 4 different events: single jump, double under, push up and speed up jump.  Students participated from:  3 Continents, 5 Countries, 11 US States & 59 Schools for more than 3000 competitors.  Lincoln was the 3rd place school with many students participating and... we have students who won 1st place! Congratulations!!!



Learning Highlights


Grade 8 students will be visiting a home for the elderly while on their trip.  You can see them preparing gift bags for the people they will be visiting below.

Grade 8 Art:   The students in grade 8 art are learning about the life and work of Georgia O'Keeffe.  They started drawing outside to study the flowers and then back in the studio did a close up or zoom on the flower to create a bigger image of what they saw in the garden.  To view an example of a student product and reflection CLICK HERE.  

G8 Math:  Last year, then Grade 8 student Paula Crisostomo created expressions and equations that, when simplified or rearranged, would spell words or phrases.  In this presentation, you will find some of this year’s current Grade 8’s creating their very own expressions and equations in the Crisostomo Challenge!  

G7 & 8 Social Studies:  Grade 7 & 8 are learning to propose solutions for world challenges.  To see them at work CLICK HERE.  

G6 Tech Foundations:  In Tech Foundations students are working on a research unit where they are learning to identify reliable sources of information, take notes, paraphrase, and cite their sources.  They are working on topics related to Digital Citizenship.  We will be inviting community members soon to learn more about this topic directly from our grade 6 students.  

G8 Multimedia:  In Middle School Multimedia grade 8 students explored the fundamentals concepts
and skills in the creation and production of Digital Art Designs using Adobe Creative Suite
as their medium of expression.  Through the Design Cycle, students developed their creative ideas from conception of the  project to the final product.

Enjoy some of the POLY ART designs below.

Reminder:  With the hot weather we have been experiencing it is important that all students have water bottles and make sure they are drinking water throughout the day.  Please check that your child has a water bottle that they can use at school.  



  • March 20-23 MS Learning Expeditions
  • April 3-7 School holiday

Thank you for all your support of learning in Middle School!  

Dr. Tracy Arnold 


Middle School principal