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message from the ms principal 

Dear MS Parents, Students and Staff, 

As we are ending the first semester of the school year, we want to have a chance to celebrate all of the hard work of your children on December 17. School will be in session until 10:00 that day. Please send your child to school in comfortable athletic gear and shoes that can get wet, including having them apply sunscreen on before they arrive. They should also bring a hat or sunglasses, a set of dry clothes to change into, a towel, and a snack. If your child does not want to or cannot get wet, there will be options for them to still participate. If they play to get wet and ride a bus home, it is extra important for them to bring a change of clothes. 

This is the last week for the After School Activities program for semester 1. There will be no ASA’s next week. When students return semester 2, they will be given a chance to sign up for semester 2 activities that begin on February 14. 

Advisories have been working on supporting the Service Learning program by helping them fill boxes for “Christmas for Everyone.” This partnership will help the program reach the 150-170 families from El Ceibo who are in need. These boxes provide food, a family game, and a card to share the love of our Lincoln family. Thank you for your help in making this contribution to help our community support our greater community! 

holiday learning: 

Holidays are a fantastic time for family learning!   As parents, make space to facilitate activities and discussions that help your children to reflect, make connections, or go deeper into a topic.   Below are some ways you can keep learning an active part of day to day life over the summer break.  

  • Go to a museum and talk about the experience
  • Visit an outdoor site and set a goal to learn something new about the plants, fauna or geology of the place
  • Learn a new sporting activity
  • Interview a family member to learn more about their life, career or other interests
  • Read a book together as a family
  • Participate in a service project together
  • Discuss current events
  • Playing board games together (great for building language and math skills) 
  • Teach your kids to read a map and calculate during your travels.



coming up

December 14:  Grade 8 Spanish (Prácticas del Lenguaje group) field trip
December 15:  Final assembly
December 17:  Activities with water despedida, 10:00 dismissal time 
February 2, 2022: First day of second semester
February 11, 2022: Valentine’s After School Party 3:30-7:00
February 14, 2022: Start of second semester ASAs

Have a restful weekend!    
Dr. Tracy Arnold (Head of Middle School)
Stacy Hassler (Middle School Counselor)