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message from the ms principal


Dear MS Parents, Students and Staff, 

What a rainy week this has been!  As I look at the arrival of spring rains, I realize we need more games and activities for our middle school students on days like we have had this week.  If you have any middle school age appropriate games, cards or puzzles that you are no longer using but are still in good condition, feel free to drop them off at the middle school gate.  We are gathering our resources together and looking at ways we can keep our middle school students busy and out of the rain during recess times.  


The library's 50,000 Minute Holiday Reading Challenge recently came to a close. Our school-wide grand total was an amazing 120,935 minutes of reading with Middle School students contributing 27,761 minutes! 26 students who participated in this challenge came to the library last Friday for an ice cream party. Thanks and congrats to everyone who took part and to our librarians for organizing this celebration. 


assembly / Advisory

This week we had our first full, in person MS assembly in the auditorium.  Our advisory groups were challenged in past weeks to create:  
An advisory name (to be kept secret until the big reveal)
1 of these: banner / coat of arms / flag / logo
1 of these: song / chant / skit / dance (1-3 minutes long)

Ms. Mallory’s advisory led the assembly where each group presented and later students heard about world literacy day and carried out a kahoot challenge related to literacy and its importance.  A huge round of applause is due all of our students for participating and supporting their peers and our advisors for their support in preparation.  

More about what’s happening in Middle School:  

This week our advisors received training in our new advisory program “Character Strong.”  They worked in grade level teams to prepare the first lessons and we are excited to be launching this program next week.  After this week, students will complete one lesson p/ week during their advisory time.  

Parents, please join us on September 16 for our Coffee Morning.  Our topic will be on our new assessment practices and upcoming progress reports.

Message from the MS Counselor

As your child has had a few weeks to adjust to full days of school, after school activities, and family responsibilities, it is a good time to check on how well they are able to effectively manage their time. In a conversation, you can ask questions like: Are you turning in your homework on time?; Are you able to leave the house on time without rushing for school in the morning?; Are you able to get 9 hours of sleep every night?. If your child answers “No” to any of those questions, it is a good idea to discuss what may be causing them to not manage their time well and then problem solve how you as a family could work to make it better. Some solutions that may come from those problems are listed below:

Turning in late homework: regularly check Schoology; keep a detailed calendar; bring agenda with you to every class and home (remember MS office gives an agenda to every student); decreasing the number of outside activities and lessons; limiting non-school screen time.

Late leaving for school: provide your child with an alarm clock; if they already have one, set it 15 minutes earlier than the time they were waking up; pack the backpack the night before and set it by the door; set out clothes the night before.

Not getting 9 hours of sleep: have all technology off and outside of your child’s room at bedtime; decrease the number of outside activities and lessons if interfering with bedtime; ensure the room is dark and cool with good covers; have a quiet activity right before bed - reading, art, mindfulness or make sure they have had enough physical activity to make their body tired for sleep.


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