Counseling at middle school

student explaining her work to parent

Special focus is placed on school success skills (organization and study habits), identity development, diversity and inclusion, and self-advocacy.

Lincoln’s Middle School Counseling Program works closely with teachers, parents, and students to both plan activities for all and to meet the individual needs of students.


Program Implementation:

  • Advisory lessons and activities related to Lincoln Character Traits (open, fair, reflective, compassionate, resilient, committed to integrity). 
  • Small group work (social skills, emotional management, student success skills).
  • Individual meetings with students to support success.
  • Collaboration and consultation meetings with teachers and parents to support individual student success.
  • Parent education and support workshops.
  • Sponsor of school clubs and after school activities for students: Leadership Development; Student Council.
  • Coordinate school-wide initiatives and activities: World Kindness Day, Mix It Up at Lunch Day, Cultural Diversity Day.
  • Safeguarding and crisis intervention.


Ms. Jessica Lawrence

Contact :

As a counselor working in the global arena, Jessica guides students on their journeys of learning; she aims to promote international citizenship; to help students discover the world around them; and to seek out and attain opportunities which will make them more fully rounded, accomplished members of the global society.

She initially started at Lincoln in 2017 as a HS Counselor, and has previously worked in Ghana, Ethiopia, Beijing, Abu Dhabi, among others. 
Jessica has a master’s degree in Arts in Education & Human Development from George Washington University, and one in Science in Mental Health Counseling from University of Massachusetts. Her education, work experience and travels have cultivated her desire to advance in international education.