Counseling at middle school

student explaining her work to parent

Special focus is placed on school success skills (organization and study habits), identity development, diversity and inclusion, and self-advocacy.

Lincoln’s Middle School Counseling Program works closely with teachers, parents, and students to both plan activities for all and to meet the individual needs of students.


Program Implementation:

  • Advisory lessons and activities related to Lincoln Character Traits (open, fair, reflective, compassionate, resilient, committed to integrity) 
  • Small group work (social skills, emotional management, student success skills)
  • Individual meetings with students to support success
  • Collaboration and consultation meetings with teachers and parents to support individual student success
  • Parent education and support workshops
  • Sponsor of school clubs and after school activities for students: Leadership Development; Student Council
  • Coordinate school-wide initiatives and activities: World Kindness Day, Mix It Up at Lunch Day, Cultural Diversity Day
  • Safeguarding and crisis intervention 


Ms. Amy Copland

Amy is joining Lincoln as the Middle School Counselor this year. She is super excited to be here to support our middle schoolers.

She has been very fortunate to have seen a lot of the world playing sports, coaching sports and then going into international education initially as a PE teacher and  SEN teacher before completing her move into counseling. As an educator/counselor she has been fortunate enough to work in the UK (she is from Scotland), Australia, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Kazakhstan and in the United Arab Emirates.

Amy received her Masters in Counseling from The College of New Jersey, prior to this she had her teaching license from The University of East London, Special Education Postgraduate Qualifications from Leeds Beckett, MSC in Development Management from the Open University and her BA from Stirling University. 

In her free time she loves watching football and is  excited to take in some games in Argentina.  She enjoys snowboarding, swimming, cooking, painting and also watching rugby. She really enjoys traveling and exploring the world- Argentina will be a great base for her to explore and learn! 


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