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The main objective of the Lincoln Middle School Athletics Program is participation.  The middle school program has adopted an inclusive approach that stresses participation, skills, sportsmanship and friendly competition. The Friendship Meets with Uruguayan American School and The International School of Curitiba are opportunities for our Middle School athletes to compete internationally. 

Middle School practices are usually held between 3:45pm and 5:00pm during weekdays. 

The Friendship Meet


The Friendship Games are held twice every year – once in first semester and again in the second semester. Athletes participate in soccer and volleyball during the first semester, and soccer and basketball during the second semester. The location of the Friendship Meets rotates between the three schools; Lincoln, UAS (Uruguayan American School) and ISC, (International School of Curitiba).


The creation of a selection team is never an easy task for our coaches, nor is it easy to be one of the students who was not selected.  The criteria used to select athletes includes attendance, preparedness, effort, commitment, attitude toward peers and coaches, ability, maturity and grade level. 

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