ARTS in Middle School

MS Arts class
Teacher helps student during animation class
Three students working on their art project
digital art class in middle school
middle school student painting
Art class



The Middle School Art program offers students the opportunity to explore and create through different artistic techniques and media such as: drawing, painting, sculpture, collage and a variety of 2D & 3D film animation techniques (cut-out animation, stop-motion animation and digital animation).

Students develop their personal and social skills while producing artwork and are encouraged to work across media boundaries. Imagination, one of the principal factors for creation, is stimulated by a variety of appropriate reading, displaying of historical art examples, multimedia resources, and real life observation.

The curriculum is designed on a self-developmental basis, where each student receives individual attention and is able to experience art according to his/her own maturity stage and personal background. Students in Middle School Art classes integrate the Arts with technology as they explore the design cycle to produce traditional art and animated short films. Students are constantly exposed to new technologies, triggering their creativity, enhancing teamwork and collaboration.

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Art Tech Studio including a Visual Arts Lab, 2D &3D Animation/Computer Lab with Multimedia Projector and Sound Recording Booth equipped with Computer Workstation  • PC Computer Workstations equipped with 2D and 3D software including Adobe Creative Cloud  • Scanners and Animation Light Tables  • Wacom Cintiqs Graphic tablets, Bamboo tablets  • Photo, Video Cameras, Lights and Tripods.


Meet our Arts teachers

Leila Awada

MS Art TEacher Portrait

MS Art Teacher

Eduardo Tammaro

Multimedia and Film Animation Teacher portrait

Multimedia and Film Animation Teacher

Middle school choir singing
three middle school girls playing the clarinet


Through the study of music from various genres, the Middle School Choirs and Bands focus on developing a comprehensive and experiential understanding of music through performance, analysis, and historical exploration. Within the school year, the Middle School Choirs and Bands perform in at least 3 events outside of the regular school day. 

The goals of this course are to help students advance in the area of vocal/instrumental music performance, strengthen their understanding of all musical components (theory, analysis, history, etc.), and prepare them to be independent musicians, thoughtful music consumers, and happy individuals whose lives are enriched by music.

Learning targets for this course include development of healthy vocal/instrumental technique and performance readiness. Through repertoire studied, students in the Middle School Choirs and Bands also study and understand music theory and music history, as well acquire skills of music literacy and improvisation.  Students develop and continue an appreciation of the world’s diverse cultures through the study of non-western music. The students also have the opportunity to work with a variety of classroom and auxiliary percussion instruments. Finally, students develop a keen sense of being an integral part of a whole by developing self awareness and ensemble cooperation skills. 


Meet our Music teachers

Lucía Ogallar

Choir teacher portrait

MS/HS Choir Teacher

Christy Wanamaker

MS/HS Band Teacher

Fabricio Gatta

Music Teacher portrait

MS/HS Music Teacher

Ignacio Garibaldi

Music Teacher portrait

MS/HS Band Assistant

Middle school play
Middle school boys scene in drama class
Drama class
Shrek cast
Two middle school students during the Shrek performance


The Middle School Drama program offers students the opportunity to explore and create using the two tools of all performance: voice and body. Students sharpen these skills through a variety of approaches such as physical theatre, script work, improvisation, props and costume use, solo and ensemble acting, as well as devising original drama. These may be explored via drama games and a variety of acting and performance activities. 

Students develop their independent and collaborative skills by engaging in these exercises. Creativity and imagination are highly encouraged, as risk-taking and challenging students to push their own boundaries are key factors of success in performance. 

The curriculum is approached from a holistic stance. Students first experiment with Drama from the perspective of the ensemble, then progressively develop their own solo techniques and perspectives in performance. The curriculum culminates with students returning to the perspective of the ensemble, thus bringing their own experience full circle and allowing them to synthesize and connect to their place within the ensemble.  


Meet our Drama teacher

Christa Eleftherakis

MS HS Theater Teacher

MS Drama Teacher and HS Theatre Teacher