After School Activities

We encourage students to discover activities they are passionate about and dedicate time and energy to developing their skills in their fields of choice.

Lincoln offers a wide variety of options regarding after school activities in the belief that these are great opportunities for learning outside of the common classroom dynamics. Our MS coaches, faculty and staff plan for special activities designed to cater to our students' needs and interests, which is why new activities are always being incorporated to our program. 

But it's not only about getting better at an activity of choice: it's about discovering one's own learning processes, failing and trying again, learning to work in groups, overcoming obstacles, and enjoying the thrill of new findings, skills and friends!

MS Activities include Swimming, Tennis, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field, Taekwondo, Active Break, Dance Team, Minecraft, League of Legends, Graphic Design, Recreative Games, Leadership Habits, Mental Skills, Eco Team, Cooking, and more!

 MS Activities Guide

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