Wrapping Up and Starting to Plan for 21/22!

From the hs principal


Details for the end of the school year


final grades and transcripts

Final grades will be available on Plus Portals on June 16. Please let us know if you require school records and/or transcripts by contacting us at:

books and materials

All high school students from grades 9-11 must return text books, library books, and any school materials by June 18.  These may be dropped off at the main gate (Andres Ferreyra 4073, La Lucila) during business hours. Please place materials inside a labeled bag with the student’s name and grade level. Please let us know if  you have any questions by contacting the high school office at: 


Our 2021 Yearbooks have arrived! We will make the yearbooks available to students and families for collection at the main gate next week. You will be asked to sign a receipt as you collect your souvenir yearbook. Thanks to Ms. Vale Trias and her Publications for their outstanding work on this annual project. 

new for school year 21/22

As you may expect we are in the planning stages for next year‘s academic school year. We will begin the year with a robust student orientation program during the week of August 2-6. We will offer special sessions for grade 12 students in the extended essay and higher level subjects. We will also introduce our new online learning management system known as Schoology. Schoology will replace Google classroom and Plus Portals. The Schoology platform offers several advantages to our online and on campus learning modes. It will allow us to streamline communications and narrow the gap of information between home and school. For example, parents will have access to all students' classes directly through one dashboard.  You will be able to see our students’ progress, attendance, participation in extracurricular activities, and all relevant information through a single portal. Parents will see due dates, assessments, results, and feedback in one place for all courses, without the need to open several windows and access classroom sites.
Additionally, we will make a number of changes in our assessment practices in the high school and the middle school. Both schools will move to a two semester school year instead of the current three trimester system. In high school, we will move to a 1 to 7 grading scale; we will no longer use percentages, letter grades, or GPAs. Students will be engaged in the assessment process early in the year in order for them to take greater ownership of their learning. The students will lead the student parent teacher conferences, presenting their learning goals and reflections at the end of the first quarter and the third quarter. At the end of each semester students will present evidence of learning in various forms suitable to each subject. These may include traditional exams, presentations, debates, performances or collaborative projects. At the beginning of the school year we will offer an orientation for parents so that we can work together to take advantage of these new features to support all Lincoln students to learn at high levels.

Please take note of these sessions in your calendars: 

  • Monday, August 2 - All Day - New Families Orientation 
  • Thursday, August 12 - 6:30 – 8:30pm - HS Open House - Auditorium 
  • Tuesday, August 17 - 6:30 – 8:00pm - HS G9 Parent Night
  • Thursday, August 19 - 6:30 – 8:00pm - HS: G11 Parent Night 
  • Tuesday, August 24 - 6:30 – 8:00pm - HS: G12 Parent Night 
  • Thursday, August 26 - 6:30-8:00pm - HS: G10 Parent Night

Introducing Doug Dworak, our new Hs Counselor


Counselor Playing dodgeball


As you may  know, this is Ms. Marie Beaupre’s final year at Lincoln, though she will remain on until the end of September to fill in for Ms. Jessica Lawrence, who will still be on maternity leave. We are fortunate to have Ms. Beaupre take this on, as it will help enormously in the transition. Meanwhile, Mr. Doug Dworak is coming to us from the American International School in Lagos, Nigeria. Mr. Dworak will arrive in Argentina in July. He brings with him a host of counseling experience, from Social/Emotional to College Admissions. Welcome to AEL, Mr. Dworak!