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Update on IMPACT, Internship, and Mock exams!
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Updating you on a very full week of learning in the high school:


Grade 9 and 10

Grade 9 and 10 students have successfully completed their IMPACT projects. This week, they have collaborated with one another across grade levels to focus on global issues with a local IMPACT, working with partners within the school and beyond to solve some of the pressing issues of our times: discrimination, environmental sustainability, homelessness, poverty, creating a truly accessible and including campus, altering the use of school facilities to include more opportunities for fitness and well-being, to name a few. Some students opted to work outside the school, with a neighboring community, for example, to improve educational and recreational opportunities for disadvantaged students. Others developed projects within the school, such as creating a reading partnership with elementary school students to build understanding of diversity and equity.

The students developed the skills and dispositions of the Attributes of a Lincoln Learner, as evidenced by their extensive collaboration, communication, research, and self management challenges throughout the week. In their final reflections, students commented on the importance of communication and learning how to work with others on a team, even when some members of the group are not as motivated as others! 

Our thanks to the many community members who came to help out this week, whether as experts or guest panelists.


Grade 11

Grade 11  took part in our Internship program, working in industry for a full week of real-life experience under the guidance of mentors. Students have reported that they have been busy, engaged, and fully tasked with “real-life” learning experiences that have taken them beyond their comfort zones. We are thankful to our community mentors who have so generously offered their time and expertise to make this week happen. 


Grade 12

Grade 12 took part in a week of mock exams in IBDP subjects. The mock exams offer students critical exam practice under exact IBDP exam conditions, offering opportunities to practice the exams under the same conditions that they will face in May. Students experience the same content, assessment criteria,and exam format that they will encounter in May, which provides excellent preparation for the exams. Students have also been supported this week by our wonderful parents, who have brought in baked goods every day as a special treat. And, on Friday afternoon after the final exam, we are treating students and teachers to an asado here at school! Congratulations to our seniors – you are one huge step closer to graduation this week!


David Redmond