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Theory of Knowledge 
(Grade 11 and 12; 1.5 years; 1.5 credit)

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is an interdisciplinary course required for all students in grades 11 and 12, offered over two semesters. The objective of Theory of Knowledge is to encourage students to reflect critically on the knowledge and experience they acquire both within and outside the classroom. Students are challenged to question the bases of knowledge, as well as to take into account their subjective and ideological biases. Finally, TOK requires the student to develop a personal approach to thinking and opinion, based on their analysis and synthesis of the evidence that can be transmitted in a rational line of development. Assessments include an exhibition, completed in grade 11, where students identify how TOK manifests in the world around them, as well as an essay, completed at the end of the course, where students focus on knowledge concepts in different areas.