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Dear Parents,
Happy Friday! Today marks our first time off-timetable for assessments in recent years at Lincoln.... We are aware that many of our students really don't know how to do this! We have been working with them on developing crucial skills to help them manage their time, figure out their schedules, and study effectively. We have been working with them in Advisory and certainly in class in preparation for this, but there is no substitute for learning by experience. This is one of the reasons why we are providing a scheduled assessment period at the end of the term; inevitably, our students will be facing the challenges of IBDP exams and then university exams, so it only makes sense to provide training beginning in Grade 9.
So far this morning on campus, students are making good choices, reviewing in the library, studying in small groups, and taking care of themselves. They have been meeting with their teachers, asking questions, and have generally been very focused on learning, which is exactly what we want.  I have also met with STUCO this morning to talk about plans for February, so our students are definitely  taking initiative and more ownership of their learning!
Here are some useful details as we move ahead:

Arrival and Departure

Students will be arriving at different times of the day and leaving according to their own schedules, provided they have submitted the signed permission forms. Please note that we cannot allow students to leave early unless we have the signed permission forms.


We have arranged supervised spaces according for the morning, before assessments. In addition, between assessments, we are requiring students to attend a study hall with their teachers, in their normal classrooms. Note that if students want to work in groups during this time, allow them to do so. Students have a supervised quiet study hall in room 507, they can work in the student center, the IBDP Coordinator’s office, the area around the HS Office, the library and the adjacent classrooms. We also want them to have a sense of balance, so they can play in the gym (with supervision) in the mornings if they want some exercise. 


We are providing lunches to students in the HS areas on Friday December 10, Monday December 13, and Tuesday, December 14 due to the fact that middle school students are using the cafeteria during our revised assessment periods. Also, kindly note that we will dismiss students at 1:00 pm. On Wednesday, December 14 but they are welcome to stay for lunch as usual. 

Supports for Student

We also have three substitute teachers on hand who are supervising students in various capacities, providing extra support for students who receive additional time or other accommodations, and  to ensure continuity of learning when there are unforeseen circumstances. Our Learning Assistants are meeting with students and providing guidance and tutoring, as well.

Missed Assessments due to Absence

Please notify the HS Office when students cannot come to school for assessments. When students notify us that they are going to be absent, we always verify with a parent of guardian. Assessments can be taken on December 16 in the case of an excused absence. 

Final Results

Final results will be available on December 17 in the afternoon. 

Last Day of School

We will hold our last Advisory period and our final student-led High School Assembly on Friday, December 17, from 8:00 am to 10:00 am. Students are dismissed at 10:00 am. Thank you for a tremendous semester of learning in the High School at Lincoln and have a well deserved break! 


David Redmond

HS Principal