End of the School Year Information

From the hs principal


Lincoln Learner Awards 

This year, we have revised our academic awards in order to align them with our mission and new Lincoln definition of learning. We have not continued with the “Student of the Month” award this year, and we have introduced a common selection process and criteria in an effort to reward student achievement in a more consistent and coherent manner. We began with the Senior awards in April, and we are now moving to the Grade 9 -11 awards in June. We will be presenting “Lincoln Learner Awards” to students in all subjects who have exhibited the Attributes of a Lincoln Learner, who have demonstrated a genuine appreciation and interest for the subject and a high degree of engagement and enthusiasm. Lincoln Learner Awards are not based solely on academic achievement. One award will be presented per course, and students may receive awards in more than one course. If no student meets the criteria, an award may not be given. Teachers in each team select students for awards. The awards are meant to highlight and celebrate our students’ achievements in a meaningful way. Parents and students will receive an email notifying them of their awards, which will be presented at the end of the school year. Congratulations to all of our Lincoln Learner Award winners.


Lincoln Library Vacation Reading Challenge

It is time for the 2021 Lincoln Library Vacation Reading Challenge! This summer should be devoted to relaxation, friends, family, virtual or on-site college visits for students in grade 11, and a variety of pursuits. One thing we can all look forward to is some time with a good book! We have launched a reading challenge for the entire school, and this summer we are trying to read for  50,000 minutes! That’s 50,000 minutes in total for the entire Lincoln community: students, parents, faculty, and staff. Can we do it, Lincoln readers? Reading in all languages, genres and formats is encouraged! High School students can simply keep a tally of their minutes and submit a total when we start the 2021/22 school year. Thanks to Book Club members Haleema and Belén for sharing details with students during this week's HS assembly! For further information, please contact our librarian, Martha Langille at  

National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

The National Honor Society (NHS) Induction Ceremony was held on Thursday evening. At Lincoln, our NHS students collaborate with two teacher advisors, la Sta. Fang and Sta. Lavalle, to create an environment where students are encouraged to excel in four key areas of the high school:  Leadership, Character, Scholarship, and Service. The students organize a host of activities, ranging from online Game Nights, the Terry Fox Challenge, Teacher and Maintenance Appreciation Day, to mention only a few. The NHS inducted 24 new members this week, and we look forward to what this group of young leaders comes up with for next year. Thank you to all the parents who were able to come out to support us.  

Argentine Math Olympiad (Olimpíada Matemática Argentina)

The Argentine Math Olympiad (Olimpíada Matemática Argentina) is a series of four competitions each year which contain a mixture of problems that students solve often involving mathematical reasoning and geometry.  The first contest is the Intercollegiate contest which took place on May 13th.   Juan Ignacio Prieto (grade 10), Bertran Maurelia (grade 10), and Ben Lee (grade 11) represented Lincoln in the Intercollegiate contest and have moved on to the next level of competition, the Zonal competition, which is scheduled for June 24th.   After the Zonal competition, if students qualify, they will move on to the Regional competition on September 2nd, and lastly, the National competition in November.  Congratulations to our Lincoln math students and thanks to Ms. Brinkman for organizing this event.

Chess Tournament

The first ever AEL Chess Tournament, hosted by members of the Chess Club and Lincoln eSports League, had 28 players in the preliminary rounds including staff and students from MS and HS. 
The finals and semifinals took place on Thursday, July 3rd, at 4:15pm. Thanks to Mr. Winchester, Mr. Dolmont, and Mr. Harmon for leading our students in this year’s event.

Details for the end of the school year

Final Grades and Transcripts

Final grades will be available on Plus Portals on June 16. Please let us know if you require school records and/or transcripts by contacting us at:

Books and Materials

All high school students from grades 9-11 must return text books, library books, and any school materials by June 18.  These may be dropped off at the main gate (Andres Ferreyra 4073, La Lucila) during business hours. Please place materials inside a labeled bag with the student’s name and grade level. Please let us know if  you have any questions by contacting the high school office at: 


Our 2021 Yearbooks have arrived! We will make the yearbooks available to students and families for collection at the main gate next week. You will be asked to sign a receipt as you collect your souvenir yearbook. Thanks to Ms. Vale Trias and her Publications for their outstanding work on this annual project. 


The five Lincoln counselors met last week with parents who are leaving Lincoln to discuss transitioning. For those parents who were unable to attend, the presentation is attached here. The information includes a reminder of the emotional challenges of those who stay behind, too. Good luck to all our departing Lincoln families! 

We will be meeting with all students in Advisories in order to lead them through a process of reflection. As John Dewey famously said, we do not learn by experience but by reflecting on our experience. We will take the time to survey our students about all aspects of their education at Lincoln this year, and we will use this feedback to revise and improve our program. We will share the results with parents upon our return to school in August.

Thank you for your support and please contact us if you would like to discuss any aspect of your child’s education at Lincoln.