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congratulations to our senior class of 2022!

We held our High School Graduation Ceremony on Friday, May 27. Thank you to all who supported us and our seniors as they took these final steps. Please visit this link to download photos at your convenience.




final assessments


Dear parents and students,

I hope this finds you well. I am writing to share some information about our semester two final assessments, coming up in June. At the end of the grading period, we offer all students opportunities to demonstrate their learning in all subjects. The assessments may take many forms, depending on the nature of the subject. For some courses, they are presentations, performances, debates or interviews. For others, they take the form of more traditional exams, consisting of essays, short answers, problem-solving,  or multiple choice questions. Throughout the semester, students take several types of assessments; it is important to note that these are included in the semester grade. The final assessments that students are about to take form only part of the grade, not all of it.

We have shared the schedule and guidelines previously and we reviewed the assessment guidelines and schedule again with students during Advisory yesterday. I had the opportunity to visit most classes to speak with students about preparing for the assessments, and I will do so again at tomorrow’s Assembly. I shared with the students that, in order to succeed in the assessments, they must be aware of three essential components of assessment:

Content: Students must be aware of exactly what they need to know, understand, and be able to do in each course. 

Format: Students must be aware of the type of assessment and have practiced similar types of assessment beforehand.

Criteria: Students must know and understand how their work will be assessed, having the criteria clearly explained beforehand.

Teachers and students work together to prepare for the assessments, ensuring that the above elements are in place. Our aim is to support all students to learn at high levels and to provide them with final opportunities to consolidate and demonstrate their learning at the end of the term.

The following are some tips for preparing for assessments. Some are obvious but nonetheless worth repeating:

  • Begin early. Don’t leave studying to the last minute.
  • Identify problem areas and  areas of strength, then plan to address those areas in need of attention.
  • Consult with teachers frequently and act on their feedback.
  • Practice the skills you will need to use on the assessments.
  • Keep organized, legible notes, using colors for different sections, or clearly defined topics.
  • Use visual aids and diagrams to map your thinking.
  • Make lists of key concepts and terms and be sure to understand them.
  • Form study groups and learn with peers; they are invaluable means of support.
  • Try to explain key items to a friend or family member; it is an excellent way to test your understanding.
  • Make a study plan: Use a calendar and devote time appropriately according to your priorities as identified.
  • Schedule time for breaks, something fun to do. A good rule is to study for forty-five minutes, then take a ten-to-fifteen minute break.
  • Keep on exercising and stay active.
  • Get a good night’s sleep every night. Don’t think you’ll be better off by staying up all night to cram.
  • Pay attention to your nutrition; eat a balanced diet and avoid overloading on sugar and caffeine.
  • All of the above will reduce anxiety but please see your teachers or counselor if you are feeling stressed. We can help!

Parents can help out at home by providing a quiet space for study, limiting distractions, and remaining aware of the assessment schedule, included here

Many thanks for your support as we prepare for a successful end to the school year. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

David Redmond

High School Principal


Student Council Election Results


STUCO 2022-2023

Javier Crisostomo - Treasurer
Jacob Swartwout - Vice President
Ethan Abisellan - President
Eric Sun - Secretary

NHS Results

The Lincoln chapter of the National Honor Society held their end of year celebration and induction ceremony Wednesday June 1st.  The following seniors were honored at the event:

Gavriel Barlevi
Valentin Born Pinto
Benjamin Btesh
Maya Drouin
Sofia Droullier
Nicole Duval
Manuel Hidalgo Sola
Jeonghyun (Ben) Lee

Joonseo (Joon) Lee
Zi Yu (Bella) Liu
Maria Belen Ordoñez
Haleema Saadia

The following students were inducted to National Honor Society for their outstanding scholarship, leadership, Service and Character:

Noam Barlevi
Keaton Anderson

We thank our seniors for their service and congratulate our new inductees.

Laura Rock and Daniela Hidalgo Saa- NHS advisors