HS Students Playing Soccer

From the hs principal


Dear parents,
Greetings I hope this finds you well as another school year draws to a close. We at Lincoln can justifiably be proud of our accomplishments this year. With so many unforeseen challenges, last minute changes and disruptions we have managed to persevere to ensure that learning continues.
It has been wonderful to see the students back on campus these past few days. They have absolutely enjoyed their time together. We are all glad to have had a chance to say so long before the winter break. Please be sure to ask students to share the yearbooks with you. This is a souvenir student production to be savored by all.

I would also like to celebrate by sharing some outstanding student Artwork with you. Thank you to Ms. Lindsay Rude for leading our students in these projects.

In the third trimester, Art 1 students took a deeper look into the history of masks. Over the last year, the protective face mask has become an everyday accessory with the spread of the Covid-19. However, the mask is not new to many cultures of the world. In this unit, each student chose two unique cultural masks to explore. After learning about history, form & function and surface design, they designed their own unique mask.  Despite working online, student artists practiced clay hand-building and learned surface design techniques, eventually creating the work featured here. Their art is evidence of true perseverance and a will to learn.

ART 1 

In the third trimester, the Art 2 students explored major themes in art. With a focus on compositional theory and visual agency, each artist created a painting that responded to a specific theme featured in this presentation. Enjoy! 

ART 2 

At the end of the year, Lincoln Learner Awards are presented to students in all subjects who have exhibited the Attributes of a Lincoln Learner , who have demonstrated a genuine appreciation and interest for the subject and a high degree of engagement and enthusiasm. Lincoln Learner Awards are not based solely on academic achievement. Awards are presented to ONE student in each course. Students may receive more than one award. If no student meets the criteria, an award may not be given. Teachers in each team select students for awards and decide which teachers present them

Group 1 
Subject / Recipient of the Award
English 9 - Luciana Serrano Moscoso
English 10 - Alejandra Bobadilla
Fundamentals of English 9 - Sofia Gulli
Fundamentals of English 10 - Gregorio Litvin
IB Eng Literature SL 1- Mariana de Mello H. Carvalho
IB Eng Literature HL 1  -Maria Belen Ordoñez
IB English Lang & Lit SL1 - Tomoya Nakamura
IB Eng Lang & Lit HL1 - Philip Horlemann
Español 1 - Pilar Ordoñez
Español 2 - Emilio José Revelo
IB Spanish Lang & Lit SL1 - Maria Belen Ordoñez
Group 2
Subject/ Recipient of the Award
Spanish 1 - Muhammad Ammar
Spanish 2  - Taylor Kartchner
Spanish 3 - Hye Won Chang
Spanish 4  - Marie de Briey
Spanish 5  - Felicie Karlson
IB SpAb SL1 - Soline Maquaire
IB SpLaSL / HL 1 - Loren Stoddard
Portuguese 1 - Brevin Anderson
Portuguese 2  - Bruno Pignanelli Carballo
Group 3 
Subject / Recipient of the Award
Historia 9 - Pilar Ordoñez
Historia 10 - Hye Won Chang Valentina
Social Studies 10 - Florencia Tevez
History 9 SSL - Pilar Ordoñez
History 10 SSL  - Eugenie Hunziker
IB History SL 1 - Carmen Ellis-Padilla
IB History HL 1 - Mariana de Mello H. Carvalho
Estudios Culturales 1 - Loren Stoddard
IB Economics SL1 - Enzo Rodrigues
IB Economics HL1 - Jeonghyun (Ben) Lee
IB Global Politics HL 1 - Philip Horlemann
Group 4 
Subject / Recipient of the Award
Intro Chemistry Physics - Juan Ignacio Prieto
Biology - Pilar Ordoñez
IB Biology SL1 - Alena Varilova
IB Biology HL1 - Jeonghyun Lee
IB Chemistry SL1 - Loren Stoddard
IB Chemistry HL1 - Haleema Saadia
IB Physics SL1 - Soline Maquaire
IB Physics HL1 - Enzo Rodrigues de Oliveira
IB Environmental Systems and Societies SL1 - Maya Drouin
Group 5 
Subject / Recipient of the Award
Integrated Math 1 - Allyson Haynes
Integrated Math 2  - Pilar Ordoñez
Integrated Math 3 - Emilio Revelo Vasconez
IB Math Analysis and Approaches SL1 - Armando Burch
IB Math Analysis and Approaches HL1 - Soline Maquaire
IB Math Applications & Interpretation SL1 -  Maria Belen Ordoñez
Group 6 
Subject / Recipient of the Award
Band - Juan Ignacio Prieto
Choir - Hye Won Chang
Theater 1 - Marie de Briey
Theater 2 - Sofia Gulli
IB Theater SL 1 - Armando Burch
IB Theater HL 1 - Maria Belen Ordoñez
IB Film HL 1 - Ciro Canton Faga
IB Music SL 1 - Philip Horlemann
IB Music HL 1  - Juan Gracia Vega
Multimedia Graphics 1 - Loren Stoddard
Computer Science - Pablo Restrepo Franco
Product Design & Fab - Bertran Maurelia 
Product Design & Fab - Valentina Chang
Design Technology  - Félicie Karlsson
Publications - Pilar Ordoñez
Physical Education 9 - Anna Meran
Physical Education 10 - Gregorio Litvin        
Physical Education 11  - Maya Drouin
Visual Arts 1-  Pilar Ordoñez
Visual Arts 2  - Eugenie Hunziker
IB Visual Arts SL 1 - Kaya Daireaux
Theory of Knowledge 1  - Armando Burch

And while we continue to celebrate this year‘s accomplishments, we are already looking forward to an exciting year to come. As mentioned last week, when we return in August we will be opening with an orientation day for new students on August 2. Returning students will join us on August 3. The first week will consist of online learning and will include a robust program of orientation focused on setting the tone for success in the year to come. We will be introducing a new learning management system known as Schoology as well as a new assessment system based on current best practices and our Lincoln Definition of Learning. We will invite all parents to an open house and we will hold grade level meetings in the early weeks of school. 

I wish you the very best of holidays so that you can have time to reconnect with family and friends, to re-fresh, to relax, to recharge the batteries and to read. Please do remain in touch if there is anything you need. Note that the high school office will remain open next week but that staff will be on holiday during the month of July.

Have a great Lincoln break!

Mr. David Redmond

HS Principal