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Dear parents and members of the Lincoln Community,

students in grades 9-11

Of course, the learning continues for students in grades nine through 11. This past week, to tie in with Earth Day, Grade 9 English students have been researching environmental issues and writing persuasive speeches. Students made their speeches in person in the library, and they had an opportunity to receive direct feedback from the teachers and from their peers. Their work featured contacting an organization known as Take the Jump, which is dedicated to establishing a safer and more sustainable planet. The Take the Jump foundation is a registered UK charity that offers tips, encouragement, and advice to people who want to reduce their environmental impact and create a more sustainable world. We’re pleased to see this initiative in grade 9 English class as students develop research, critical thinking, public speaking, and advocacy skills.


focusing on environmental issues

High School students in Visual Arts are also focusing on environmental issues, asking deep questions such as What is sustainability? How can we create better living environments that take into consideration environmental protection as well as social-economic development? How can we employ creative architectural design to improve our lives? Some of the art projects focused on designing comfortable, safe, and sustainable shelters for the homeless. Another project featured designing a library and community center to improve literacy rates and develop healthy relationships among young people. The plans include designing a daycare facility and public education initiatives to be hosted in the library. Another project features design to provide a hotel to enable tourists to experience what it’s like to live among local artisans in the small town of Salento. Salento is currently overburdened with its tourists and needs sustainable budget-friendly tourism facilities to sustain and fuel its economic growth. The students take these factors into consideration as they create their projects.


A note from the counselors: 

As we approach the end of the semester, we know at an international school that there will be people leaving our school to go off to other adventures. This time of year can be overwhelming for the families who are leaving, we want to try and provide support and ideas to help ease the transition. 

On May 24th from 9-10:00 am Lincoln counselors are holding a session for all parents that are leaving Lincoln this school year. This will be an in-person meeting in the cafeteria. 

We hope if you are leaving you can join us not only to hear the counselors suggestions, but also to have space and time for you parents to share tips with each other.

If you need anything else from us please let us know!