Welcome to the High School Library!


View of the high school library

The Lincoln Libraries encourage teaching, learning, and dispel curiosity through reading and inquiry.

MS/HS students can use the library in their free time between classes, Flex time, and after school. Here they can do research, homework, read for pleasure or simply have some quiet time.

The libraries host many special events throughout the year.


Young Writers' Cafe

High school students reading their poems

During the week in which the world celebrates Shakespeare and Cervantes, students from HS come to the Library to celebrate their love for literature and creative writing by sharing works of their own.


University Fair

Student receives information from university representative

Many national and international universities send their representatives to our school for the University Fair. This way our High Schoolers get to know by first hand the different choices they have for their future and explore all the opportunities, programs and information these institutions have to offer.


Authors' Visits

Fiction author visits high school students

In collaboration with several publishing houses, the school year never goes by without having an interesting visit from an author or a great speaker. Our students have the opportunity to learn about different creative writing processes, publishing and ask the authors questions about their topics of choice.


Club Meetings

Students during their oral class

The HS Library is one of the favorite spots where several club meetings (Eg. National Honor Society and MUN) take place. 

Martha Langille

HS Librarian Portrait

Middle and High School Librarian
panel discussion in the HS Library


Monday to Friday: 7:30am – 5:00pm



+54 11 4851 1700 ext. 421

Mercedes Peña

Middle and high school library aide

Middle and High School Library Aide

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