Counseling at High School

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We, the counselors, are the students’ advocates and their allies. We are there to support them, as well as to guide them through challenging situations.

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High School Counselors advise and guide the academic, personal, and social/emotional wellbeing of high school students.


The HS counselors work with the students starting in tenth grade to plan for their post-Lincoln education, especially in regard to college and university applications.

Assigned during freshman year, counselors remain with students for their whole high school years, developing a personal relationship in order to more effectively advise and guide them. In this way, students feel free to discuss the unique academic and personal challenges they face as they grow closer to their senior year and to their next educational steps.

Our counselors work with their respective students to guide them and their families through the processes of college search, college application and matriculation from Lincoln.

HS Counseling Program


  • Individual counseling as well as classroom and small group interventions
  • Working with parents and teachers to foster student success through individual and group meetings to strategize best ways forward according to the needs of the student
  • Sessions on career and college planning (students and parents)
  • Academic advising and scheduling
  • Designing and helping to implement sessions on social and emotional learning through advisory
  • Reviewing applications for admission and assisting students and families through the transition of entering Lincoln



  • Parent outreach through Counselor Book Clubs, Transition Sessions (students and parents), Parent Evenings for University Preparation, Parent Coffees where parents are invited to come each month and discuss pertinent topics according to the time of year, as well as Sessions on Special Topics
  • Safeguarding and Crisis Intervention which includes sessions for students on staying safe in risky situations and in daily life, consistent training of teachers and staff on safeguarding best practices, and intervening when there is a safeguarding concern to keep the respective student safe and lead the process of safeguarding from the first concern through to the creation of safety plan

University Fairs:


Lincoln hosts visits from colleges and universities from across the globe each year. In addition, we host a CIS College Fair once every fall and spring.

To schedule a visit to Lincoln, please contact 

Ms. Alejandra Páez

Parent Coffees:

Parents meeting

Our High school counselors invite parents to share evenings dedicated to relevant subjects that impact on students' wellbeing such as:

Career Fairs:

Journalist explaining her job to students

Every year, the Career Fair brings in professionals from various career fields to speak to students in small groups about their careers and how they entered their fields



Ms. Marie Beaupre

Ms Beaupre is the high school counselor for families with surnames beginning with A-H.

She has worked across the globe and returned to South America to work at Lincoln in 2017.  She was originally an English teacher from the Chicago area before going to jobs in Brazil, Venezuela, Italy, Asia, and the Middle East. Marie earned her BA in English Education with a Secondary Teaching Certificate from Northern Illinois University. Her MS in School Counseling is from San Diego State University and she holds a California K-12 Pupil Personnel Services Credential.

Although Marie has worked with all grade levels, high school students have been her main focus. Ms. Beaupre encourages students and parents to contact her with questions they have on any topic, or just to say hello.

 Contact :


Ms. Jessica Lawrence


Jessica Lawrence is the high school counselor for all students with surnames beginning with I-Z.

Originally from the Boston area, she has worked internationally for over 12 years across the world before coming to Lincoln in 2017.

Jessica holds a BA in English with a minor in Spanish from Saint Anselm College, as well as a Master’s in Education and Human Development with a major in International Education from The George Washington University. Jessica has also completed all coursework for the MS in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Massachusetts, Boston and holds a Certificate in Careers Education and Guidance from Canterbury Christchurch University.

Prior to moving overseas, Ms Lawrence worked as a teacher, as well as in college admissions for two universities in Boston and Washington DC. She is a faculty sponsor for the High School’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) club, and is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and inclusive environment for all students. Ms. Lawrence welcomes students and families to reach out to her any time!

Contact :

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