CAS Program

COVID-19 and CAS

Due to the current COVID-19 sanitary situation all CAS activities have already been reorganised and most  of them will continue to be carried out  in a virtual mode. We are also working in creating new experiences that can be developed in this current scenario for our Diploma students to accomplish their CAS program, and for Lincoln to continue to work collaboratively with organisations and individuals we have been cooperating  with. Should you have any doubt , please contact the Principal or CAS Coordinator.

Girl painting in El Ceibo as part of Service Learning Week
High School Newspaper team
High School students unloading donations
Girl painting in Salta

What is CAS?

The CAS Program is comprised of set of diverse learning experiences outside of the classroom setting that are divided into three main purposes: Creativity, Activity and Service.


School newspaper team

Exploring and extending ideas leading to an original or interpretive product or performance.


Lincoln Basketball team

Physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle.


High school student coordinates service learning activity with teacher

Collaborative and reciprocal engagement with different communities in response to one or more of their needs.

CAS is experiential learning, involving students in new roles with set goals and ongoing reflection. The major aim of the CAS program is to provide students with a challenge in the three areas of the program, exposing them to experiential learning outside the classroom. The CAS program also aims to complement the academic disciplines of the curriculum and counter balance the academic self absorption of the IB students. It seeks to challenge and extend the individual student by developing a spirit of discovery and self reliance.