ES Uniform Policy

Lincoln Elementary School students are required to dress in uniform. Students need to come to school in uniform every day except for designated days which will be communicated through official channels (teacher or elementary notification to families). We ask that parents help us to enforce proper uniform attire by making sure children have ready access to clean uniform clothing every day. Parents can also help labeling children’s clothing, which will enable lost items to be returned to children or parents. The uniform is as follows:

Shirts: All Elementary School students need to wear white, long- or short-sleeved T-shirts that must have a collar. All shirts must also have the Lincoln school emblem. 

PE/Fitness: Shirts with the Lincoln school logo, navy blue shorts or navy blue sweatpants for PE classes. 

Bottoms: Students need to wear navy blue pants, skirts, or shorts. Pants/trousers may not have embroidery, patches, decorations, holes or patterns. 

Sweatpants/Sweatshirts/Hoodies: Any type of plain navy blue material with no embroidery, patches, decorations, holes or patterns.

Sweaters: All sweaters need to be plain navy blue with the Lincoln school emblem. They can be pullovers, V-necks, or cardigans. 

Shoes: Students need to wear comfortable shoes with heels no higher than 1 inch. Athletic or running shoes are appropriate for everyday use.

Swimming gear: The swim kit must include a swimsuit, a swim cap, goggles, rubber shower shoes, and a towel. All items must be labeled with the child’s name.

Clean, extra uniform items are kept in the nurse’s office should children come to school out of uniform. In the event of a persistent problem with appropriate dress, a student’s parents will be called to collaborate on a solution. 



Bought at PAL store

Lincoln spirit grey t-shirt to be worn only on Fridays and Lincoln sweatshirts (available in blue and grey). Contact PAL office for more information:

Uniforms are easily purchased once you arrive in Buenos Aires at the following stores:


Alvear 410 in Martinez Tel: 4798-7648 Email: Open: Mon-Fri 9:30AM to 1:30PM / 3:00 to 8:00PM; Sat 10:00AM to 2:00PM 


EMail: Mara Tomasso 15-4099-2505
(uniforms will be delivered to your house or to school)

Note: Prices and selection options may vary between these vendors. This policy was updated July 2020.