Our Grade 5 students follow a 1-to-1 device policy, meaning all students need a chromebook or laptop on campus to use each day as a tool for learning.  Students will then continue to use these Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) during their 6th-8th grade years at Lincoln.

If you are traveling you may find that devices are cheaper and easier to source outside of Argentina.  We are including HERE a link to give you some comparison information about devices.  As you will see from the chart, iPads, tablets and phones will NOT be supported devices on the list. Any devices used in school need to fall within the school device requirements so that it can be used in both Grade 5 and Middle School.  The chart is designed to guide you in the selection of a device for your child.  We also strongly encourage students to have a protective cover for their device.

If you have any questions, please email

Asociación Escuelas Lincoln recognizes the importance of using information technology in today’s world and strives to ensure every student has access to information technology to enhance their learning. We promote the balanced use of technology by developing students' technology fluency and digital citizenship habits not only within their schoolwork, but also as an important life skill in their personal lives. Parents and educators must equip young people to use technology responsibly and to integrate these skills with other essentials, such as critical thinking, literacy, numeracy and citizenship. Essential to the use of technology is ethical responsibility.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) provides a 1-to-1 device learning environment for students and promotes blended learning and mobility.


Be empowered: Try awesome things. Share your ideas and what you can do with others. Ask questions. We are all learners of technology. 

Be respectful: Help foster a school community that is principled and caring. The way we use technology is an example for others, and can impact our learning, relationships and environment. 

Be safe and smart: Learn how to protect yourself online, and be a model for others. We can help! Pause and think before you click, many actions online are irreversible. 

Be careful and gentle: Our resources and those in other communities are limited. Help us take care of our devices and networks.


Student Supply Lists and Sustainability

Lincoln Elementary is no longer asking for any school supplies from parents for the coming year. There might be instances throughout the year (or even at the beginning) where one or two small items might be requested. Nevertheless, a conscious effort has been made to utilize existing resources and minimize the use of single-use items.

Parents can support these objectives by providing their children with reusable lunch and snack containers (avoiding ziplocs and straws), sending reusable water bottles for daily use, and being mindful of what they send or bring to the campus for classroom celebrations.

Teachers regulate the use of devices at school. 

Student should: 

  • have their name on the device,
  • be responsible for their device,
  • only use their device when requested, 
  • charge devices at home,
  • use headphone/earbuds with permission,
  • have the volume off.

Students may not:

  • bypass school filters,
  • take a device to the bathroom or cafeteria,
  • access content that is not educational,
  • take photos or recordings of people at school without permission, 
  • post images or recordings on the internet or 
  • social media of people without permission, 
  • use a device to cheat,
  • use Hangouts on campus,
  • have “freetime” on their device.

Lincoln can:

  • collect and examine any device that is suspected of causing technology problems or a virus, 
  • search at device if suspected of a violation of the Empowered User Policy.

Students will adhere to a policy of respectable use of technology in cases or situations not specifically mentioned above.