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Learning expeditions


Today our 3rd graders are enjoying their expedition in San Pedro. Last week, Grade 4 travelled to Tandil and Grade 5 travelled to Mar del Plata. These expeditions gave students the opportunity to develop their independence and resilience as well as building community with each other and with their teachers. 

Students were involved in adventurous activities, like climbing, abseiling, canoeing, trekking, ziplining but they also spent time eating together, rooming together, travelling together as well as supporting each other through lost items, homesickness, anxiety about activities. They shared joy and a sense of adventure and achievement and brought back many stories and learnings. 


Smile! School photos next week.


New group photos and new students portraits will be taken Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st March. Please make sure your kids are here and in full school uniform.

Ms. Becky 

Elementary school principal