Take a Moment to Celebrate

elementary school

Dear families,

It is incredible to think that we are coming up to the last week of the year.  The last week of school holds so much significance; the culmination of learning, a marker of the passage of time, the promise of a new grade in the next school year.  This year is no exception, even though the year itself has been exceptionally difficult.  We must take a moment to celebrate our individual and collective accomplishments, and you will find your children doing this in some of their classes next week.  Additionally, on Friday, June 18 we will end the year with Community Meetings at 8:30AM followed by an all Elementary Assembly at 9:15AM.  At the end of the elementary assembly, the students will be dismissed until our first day on August 2nd, or until they enter into a new school (if they are leaving Lincoln). Please join if you like! 

I think I have written a thanks to you every week, but it does not diminish the authenticity in that statement.  Thank you for being partners in our efforts this year.  

A few notes to wrap up the year:

  • Doit has requested that all families return devices to the school so that we can inventory and prepare them for the coming year.
  • Additionally, if you have any materials at home that were sent with your children, please bring them to the school by June 25. We will need these materials for learning next year so please help us prepare our learning spaces by getting them all returned on time.
  • Yearbooks will be available for pickup beginning Wednesday You can pick up your yearbook when you drop off your other items at the school. 

If you are already out of the country, please email Brenda or Francisco to coordinate how to return your items or receive your yearbook. 

Thank you, and only 5 days to go!

Ms. Becky and the elementary team