Only Two Weeks Left

elementary school

Dear families,

Only two weeks left in this year. Incredible! Students are still hard at work as we are wrapping up our last units and assessments.  We are so inspired by them!  Thank you for supporting them with their learning.

Below are dates shared last week--please make sure to record these on your calendar.  

  • Friday, June 11th-Move-up Community Meetings

On this date we will have all students join a Community Meeting for their next grade (so a Grade 1 student will participate in an all Grade 2 Community Meeting).  This will give all students a chance to meet the teachers currently in the next grade level (please note; some staffing assignments will shift during the break).  The only exception will be Grade 5.

  • Monday, June 14th-Kindergarten Move-Up Ceremony (virtual)
  • Tuesday, June 15th-Grade 5 Move-Up Ceremony (virtual)
  • Friday, June 18th-Last day of the school year!

Students will join in a Community Meeting, an Elementary assembly, and an all school assembly.  
Classes will run from 8AM-10AM on this date.
Friday, June 18th-Report cards will be uploaded to Plus Portal for parent access.

Thank you,
Ms. Becky