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This week we transitioned from running a hybrid program, to having two distinct cohorts.
Your child belongs to either the in-person cohort (95% of the school) or online cohorts (only 3% of the school since some of our students are attending schools elsewhere).  Any child in the online cohorts will join the in-person group when he or she arrives in Buenos Aires and completes any required quarantine. Any child who is attending school in person cannot join the online cohort when they are absent from school. If your child is unwell or missing school for other reasons please email your child’s teachers to notify them of the absence and ask for work that can be completed at home. This is the normal practice for when students are absent from school.



Over the coming week students in Grade 2-5 will be completing MAP assessments at school.

MAP Growth tests from NWEA® are adaptive tests taken on a computer. This means that each test is individualized because the question difficulty changes based on a child’s answers. Your child will take a test specifically targeting their learning level in maths and in reading.

There is no special preparation needed for the students to complete the assessments; as on a normal day, a good nights sleep and a good healthy breakfast will help with concentration.

We as a school look at a variety of items to help tell the story of each student including observations, portfolios, classroom assessments, projects, etc. MAP tests and student scores are just part of the picture of each child. We administer these assessments because we feel that these scores may help paint the overall picture of learning and growth over the past year. Results will be available to the school by the end of September.


Please remember that all changes in your child’s dismissal must be sent  in email before 1:00 pm. To do so, you must email and carbon copy (CC:) your child’s homeroom teacher. Confirmation will be received within one hour. 
All changes informed after 1:00 pm will not be able to be processed on time, so please plan ahead.

lost and found

As days get warmer, students tend to take their sweaters and jackets off and lose them. The same happened with water bottles, tupperwares, lunchboxes and other items. Make sure you mark these items with their names so the children can find them.

school photos 

School photos (individual ones only for the time being) will be taken on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th of this month. Please make sure your kids are in full school uniform on these dates.

I wish you well,

Ms. Becky