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Student Learning Conferences on April 25 & 26

Today homeroom teachers are sharing a communication inviting you to sign up for student learning conferences.  These conferences are a chance for students to showcase their learning and will involve students in all grades (Kindergarten 4 to Grade 5). A few things to remember for these conferences:

  • Children do not attend school as normal on April 25 & 26
  • Children will need to come to school with parents for their designated conference time only.  If you have more than one child, the child not in the conference will be taken care of at our Lincoln childcare
  • Children will spend time during the week of April 18-22 preparing for the conferences, because they will (as much as possible) lead the conferences.
  • You should not expect to spend much of the conference with the teacher. If you have specific questions, you can ask them during the time you are with the teacher, email the teacher, or set up a different time to meet.
  • There may be other families in the classroom during your conference.  This is a common practice during student led conferences.
  • Conferences are being blocked for 30 minutes (youngest students) to 1 hour (older students).  Because the conferences are student led, they will take different lengths of time.  If yours goes longer or ends before your allotted time, that is ok.  
  • Specials and Spanish teachers are offering drop-in conferences so be sure to plan for time to meet with these teachers.


We are excited to be spending time with you April 25 & 26!


Thanks to our parents who participated in the Open House Goosechase on March 30!  


Thanks to all of you who submitted photos and phrases about our elementary school.  These pictures paint a beautiful panorama of our school!  Of the parents who participated, the following families had some stand-out submissions.  Please come by the elementary school office during parent teacher conferences to get your prize (a family friendly night of snacks and games!)

1st place: Ben and Alex Yonatan's parents (Michal and Lior)
2nd place: Emiliano Monsalve's father (Mauricio)
3rd place: Ben and Noam Levene's mother (Sura)

Meet our Paws to Care Ambassadors: Ms. Melissa and Gracie!

As you may have read in the note from Ms. Madeleine, we are excited to be welcoming Gracie to our campus. Gracie is our Paws to Care therapy dog who will be spending time in the library with her owner, Ms. Melissa.  Below please find some common questions and answers about a therapy dog program.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:  Who is the legal owner of the dog and who pays for its costs? 
A:  The legal owner of the dog will be Melissa Cavender, ES librarian. She will pay the costs associated with owning the dog; the school budget will support liability insurance and training costs only where appropriate. 

Q:  Is the dog trained?
A:  Yes. Gracie was trained by two private trainers in The Netherlands. She was certified as a therapy dog in the United States by Project Canine, where she took additional classes in order to work with children. She is now registered with Pet Partners Argentina.

Q:  Will the dog be a distraction to students’ learning? 
A: The dog will be kept in the library. When this is not possible, the dog will be cared for in areas of school which are less accessible to students. The dog will also attend meetings with staff to support staff well-being, following consultation with staff beforehand. 

Q: Has a risk assessment been undertaken?
 A: Yes, we have carefully considered having a dog in school and sought advice from many sources, including other schools that successfully have a school dog. 

Q: Who is responsible for training? 
A: Ms. Melissa is  the legal owner of the dog and as a result, will be responsible for her training. Appropriate professional training will be obtained and the dog will maintain her registration as a therapy dog. 

Q: How will the dog be toileted? 
A:  In the interest of health and hygiene our school dog will be toileted when taken out for short walks around the grounds. 

Q: What if my child is scared of dogs? 
A: Ms. Melissa  will ensure the school dog only comes into contact with children who are happy to have contact. A student will not be forced to be in contact with Gracie at any time against their wishes. We hope this program will help children who are fearful of dogs to alleviate their fear and to teach them how to manage this fear by  using evidence-based interventions such as graded exposure. 

Q: How will the dog’s welfare be considered? 
A: Gracie’s welfare will be carefully monitored. She will be walked regularly and given free time outside of sessions to rest and play. She will have a kennel available in the library so she may rest. 

Q: How will this be managed where children have allergies? 
A: Children will not need to touch the dog. We already manage a number of allergies at school and this will be no different. Individual needs will always be met and we are happy to work with parents to put additional control measures in place for individual allergies. The school dog was specifically chosen for being a breed known for its hypoallergenic, non-shedding coat. She is given high quality food and regularly groomed to reduce any possibility of allergens.

Are you clearing out your house?  A request from our ES Student Council.

Do you have kitchen utensils, pots, pans, crockery that we could play with in the playground and sandbox?

We are members of the Elementary School Student Council and we are trying to increase the number of choices for play in our playground.

If you are clearing out your kitchen or your house and have kitchen utensils, pots and pans etc to donate that we can play with, please send them in to the ES student council.

Please place them in Mr Chris’ office.





Ms. Cassie and Ms. Julie will again be hosting an Active Parenting Workshop for five weeks starting on April 21st. The workshop will be in person (hopefully!) on Thursdays from 2:15-3:30 between April 21st and May 19th. Active Parenting is a program designed by Dr. Michael Popkin that focuses on positive discipline, communication techniques, building responsibility and understanding/redirecting misbehavior.  Sessions will be as follows: 

Thursday, April 21st: The Active Parent 
Thursday, April 28th: Cooperation and Communication 
Thursday, May 5th: Responsibility and Discipline 
Thursday, May 12th: Building Courage and Self-Esteem 
Thursday, May 19th: Understanding and Redirecting Misbehavior 
Each participant will get their own copy of the book “Active Parenting: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Happy and Successful Children” in either English or Spanish. Each week, we will review and discuss a chapter of the book.  
We would love for you to join us! Please email Cassie ( or Julie ( if you’d like to participate. Active participation in all sessions is encouraged.

Becky Jobes - ES Principal