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Van Gogh Visit

Students and staff are curious about what we will see and experience when our entire elementary division visits the Van Gogh exhibit next week on Thursday, May 12.  Ms. Laura and others have put together some activities to support the children as they sit, listen, and watch as the works of Van Gogh move across the screens.  The experience is immersive and includes some shifting lighting (including the room going quite dark a few times), and accompanying music that matches different themes of Van Gogh’s work.  If you have a child who is sensitive to loud music or noises, we recommend that you let his or her teacher know. If you choose to send any headphones or protective earphones on that day, please also notify the teacher.  We are very excited about this chance to experience something so unique together and we hope each child will go home with something interesting to share about the experience.


As every year, we are busy putting together our Yearbook.  Different from the past, we would like to begin exploring a more environmentally friendly way of printing yearbooks so that we are not left with so many to recycle at the end of each year.  Parents have a choice of:
A completely digital yearbook (easy to read on any device and capable of being printed and/or moved around the world without taking up space and weight in shipment)
One physical copy of a yearbook for an entire family (if you choose this option, we will still create signature sheets for children to get quotes and signatures from friends and teachers on the last days of school)
One physical copy of a yearbook per child in a family 
Please complete the ES Yearbook survey by May 15 so that we can place our order with this more informed approach to printing.

track and field events

Congratulations to all of our students for participating in the annual Track and Field events.  Thank you to our Physical Education team for putting the event together and for the parents who came and attended.

Parent Coffee: Social, Emotional, and Physical Development Program Overview.

On Friday, May 6 we shared about our standards and programs for our Social Emotional program, the Argentina National Comprehensive Sexual Education Program, and what we teach to Grades 4 and 5 specifically during our units on Human Maturation.  Additionally, we shared about the expansion of our learning support program to include students with more diverse needs and disabilities.  Please find our presentation here and contact any of us in the presentation if you have any questions or want to learn more.

A note from the counselors: Departing families

As we approach the end of the semester, we know at an international school that there will be people leaving our school to go off to other adventures. This time of year can be overwhelming for the families who are leaving, we want to try and provide support and ideas to help ease the transition.

On May 24th from 9-10:00 am Lincoln counselors are holding a session for all parents that are leaving Lincoln this school year. This will be an in-person meeting in the cafeteria.

We hope if you are leaving you can join us not only to hear the counselors suggestions, but also to have space and time for you parents to share tips with each other.

If you need anything else from us please let us know!