Farewell to SY20-21!

elementary school

from the ES Principal

Dear parents

We just finished an unprecedented year.  To say it was challenging is an understatement.

But we made it!

Our children deserve recognition and celebration for the effort and energy it took to learn, above and beyond what is demanded of them in a typical year.  They should be proud of themselves.

Our educators deserve recognition and celebration for the herculean effort, flexibility, and professionalism they demonstrated in a year of ongoing challenges and changes.  They should be proud of themselves.

And you, our parents, deserve recognition for the support, love, and energy you poured into your children this year.  For most of us, this will have been one of the most challenging parenting experiences of our lives--teacher + parent--but you were there guiding and aligning with us whenever you could.  You should be proud of yourselves!

We are lucky to have celebrated on campus for our Final Farewell on Thursday, June 17, and at our End of Year Assembly on Friday, June 18.  While we are genuinely sad to see the year end because it brings to close a year of connection and joy in the time spent with our students, we are all in need of a vacation!  

For those of you leaving Lincoln for good, we wish you all the best on your next steps.  You will forever have a home with the Condors!  For everybody returning, please see below for some information about August.

I wish you well!

Ms. Becky

report cards

Report cards will be available to view and download this afternoon. If you experience technical difficulties please contact the DOIT team. You can also email Ms Brenda.

Student Placement for SY21-22

As shared in May, we will not finalize student placement until the first week of August. For the first few days of school, students will have the opportunity to work virtually with students across the school and their grade level. This allows us to account for shifts in student enrollment before we finalize our class lists.

Schedule for August 2-6

We are beginning with a virtual week of learning which allows families who have traveled to have their children engage in learning during the week of required quarantine. Our schedule will be:

  • Monday August 2-new students only, virtual 
  • Tuesday, August 3-Friday, August 6-all elementary students virtual
  • Monday, August 9 (if allowed by authorities)-all elementary students in person, on-campus

Student learning during the break

Our children need time to relax, engage in their own interests, play without guidance, be bored, and take a break from screens. We encourage daily reading which can be done independently, done with a sibling or parent, or even by listening to books on tape. Please join in our Vacation Library Reading Challenge and help us reach our goal of reading for 50,000 minutes as a community!
Additionally, our team has pulled together a Buenos Aires and Beyond Guide of Learning Activities.  These are a range of activities that are for exploration, education, and more.  

Uniforms for August

Uniforms for students are required, both in virtual and in-person. Please read our uniform guidelines to know what to purchase for August.  Taking into account the views of students and parents who were surveyed this year, beginning in February 2022 we will make some additions to the Lincoln uniform.

Student Supply Lists and Sustainability

We are not asking for any school supplies from parents for the coming year. There may be times throughout the year (or even at the start), where we ask for one or two small things. However, we have made a conscious effort to use what we have and reduce our use of single-use items. 
You can help us with these goals by sending reusable lunch and snack containers for your children (avoid ziplocs, straws), sending reusable water bottles for use every day, and by being conscious about what you send or bring on campus for classroom celebrations. Look for more information on this next year.