An Impactful Week
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Dear parents,

This was an impactful week for all of us.  Some of us returned in person (about 55% of the elementary school on Wednesday), while the rest of us worked to organize our lives to be connected to school online.  For some families, you will spend only a few days in distance learning, while others will spend 2-3 weeks.  If you are a family who believes you will be outside of Argentina past August 30th, I ask that you email me so that we can meet and talk about programming for your child.  August 30th is the date when all but a few of our students will be on-campus, so we will need to refine how we provide our online program beginning September 1st.

The online program is only for families who are unable to arrive in Argentina due to current travel restrictions.  If you are going on vacation or if your child is going to miss a day of school, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher to plan for whatever work your child may miss in person.  

On Friday, August 20 there is a virtual elementary school parent coffee at 8.30AM.  We will be meeting on Zoom.  Please join me and Mr. Chris as we talk a bit about the enhancements to our educational program for this year and some things we are excited about.  Do you have a question you want addressed in the coffee?  Please submit it and read other questions here.

Our Open House is going to be virtual on Thursday, August 26 from 6PM-8PM (this is a change from the original date).  You will get a chance to meet briefly with our leadership team and then attend meetings with (and virtually see) your child’s homeroom, Spanish, and Specialist teachers and classes. Please plan on attending this important night where we all get to know more about our children’s classes.

For our in-person families, thank you for getting your children to school on time and for remembering to complete the daily health form electronically.  This allows us to start our day together.

For our online families, thank you for the effort it takes to get your children into their classes  

For our entire community, thank you for your partnership in supporting your children’s learning.

Ms. Becky