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Van Gogh visit success

Last week on Thursday, May 12, we took every elementary student present to the Imagine Van Gogh exhibit at La Rural.  Staff and students were excited and anxious to see how it would go, and the day and event were perfect!  As some of Van Gogh’s most famous and vibrant images played across the screens, students sat and looked, drew, identified paintings, danced, and spoke quietly with peers.  There was one moment where the music changed and “Starry Night” appeared where students and teachers all exhaled a collective sigh of amazement.  It was a wonderful experience to celebrate the arts and be together as a community and we know we will do more events like this moving forward.  If you haven’t spoken with your child about the experience already, take a moment to hear about what was interesting, beautiful, and (at times for some) boring. Ask them why, and then I challenge you to take them out to another gallery to see if they find something new that resonates with them. 

May Revolution Celebration

Every year, all schools in Argentina celebrate the revolution that took place in old Buenos Aires on May 25th, 1810. It is a very relevant day for Argentines because we remember why we set free from the Spanish Crown to become an independent nation. At Lincoln School, we devote time to teach students about this important event in our history, and also we reflect upon the importance of freedom, the rights and responsibilities that come with it. 

This year, we will have a small formal assembly and then we will invite students to take different workshops to experience activities related to Argentine culture. We believe that it will be a good opportunity for students to learn more about the culture of their host country guided by their Spanish teachers. It will be fun and educational.