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View of the Elementary School Library and its flags

The ES Library is designed to foster our student’s first steps as readers and researchers. Our staff works along with faculty to create an environment where curiosity is discovered in all its learning potential.

With two stories full of books and resources such as e-books, audio-books, DVDs and magazines, there are invaluable finds for all levels and preferences. Our library includes different work areas to accommodate everyone: from students who stop by to enjoy some reading during their free time to entire classes that come to learn and share.We believe fun is an absolute priority  as it enables young learners to kindle the joy of reading and sharing what they discover with others. The library is a great place to build and strengthen community bonds, with open doors to Lincoln families and with student and family events:

Lincoln's Birthday

Elementary students celebrate Lincoln's birthday with giant cake

On February 12th we celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s birthday with an activity guided by our library staff and the ES Art teacher. Students investigate and learn all about the president whose name the school honors, focusing on his beliefs and accomplishments. They learn about the research process and are given guidelines to find books and resources. Then, they put their creativity to work to get to a collective cake design that represents Lincoln and his influence on education and on our school.

Reading Celebration

Small student reads a book

During school breaks, the Elementary School library invites our students to participate in a Vacation Reading Program, giving them a variety of options and reading pamphlets with exercises to complete. When school starts again, all the readers gather at the library to comment on their experiences and talk about the book they loved the most. Families come to share with the books read at home and then everyone gets to pick a book as a gift and share a delicious treat.

Book Fairs

Teacher shows students a book

Lincoln’s Book Fairs include a wide variety of publishing house stands with books in Spanish and English and several special activities. We receive visiting authors and illustrators who share their books and their creative processes with us, offering talks and workshops for students, who work on their creativity, their narrative skills, character building and so much more.

Poetry Month

Elementary students reciting poetry

One month a year is dedicated to poetry units. Elementary classes work with the librarian and their teachers to investigate different poets and types of poems. Each student also writes their own poetry. At the end of the month, parents are invited to the library to support students in their recitation.

Student enjoying a book during a book fair


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday : 7:45 – 5:00

Tuesday and Thursday: 7:45 – 4:15


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Melissa Cavender

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ES Librarian

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ES Library Assistant

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