The Elementary School Art Program focuses on student voice and choice.

Visual Arts

K4 - K5

Through our program, based on the Core Arts Standards and the Meet the Masters program for Early Childhood,  learners will explore and practice with different art tools and mediums such as drawing, painting, collage, modeling, and sculpture. Students acquire tools to  connect with personal experiences and those of others through sharing.


Art activities will help our youngest learners with visual and motor coordination, as well as to grow in their skills' possibilities. Students also learn to feel relaxed and free through the arts, which is why each class begins with mindfulness excercises. Learners will be inspired by famous painters, using some of their works' features to apply in their own explorations.

GRADES 1 - 5 

Every project starts with an investigation book as students work through the artistic cycle of Thinking Like an Artist: Investigation, Planning,  Experimentation, Creating, and Reflecting. During  the last trimester of every year 1st-5th grade, students engage in a fully independent project, where they have the opportunity to practice working through the artistic cycle with a full open-studio. Our art exhibitions are among the most loved events at Elementary!

ES Art Program Process

Each year students develop a foundation in art history by studying the life, work, and thinking habits of Leonardo Da Vinci. They also learn about other movements and artists, such as Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso, Yayoi Kusama, Vincent Van Gogh, Faith Ringold, Robert Rauchenberg, Banksy, Salvador Dali, Kandinsky, Munch, Henri Moore, Keith Haring, Vivian Maier, Ai Weiwei, among many others.

Students create both 2D and 3D art using a wide range of materials, and each project focuses on an art concept, artist and/or movement, personal connection, medium/skills, and finally an art critique where students share. The program emphasizes on the importance of bringing in influence from all subjects, such as science, literature, math, or music into the visual arts.



Located in the northern wing of our campus, the Elementary Art Room has an inspiring view of the Rio de la Plata. Its unique wall of windows makes it a very luminous and relaxing room. 

Students have art every 3 days as they rotate through the specials schedule. Classes begin with a ‘mindful start’ in our open carpet space to be able to start exploring in a relaxed and present mindstate. 


Elementary School Art Teacher Portrait


Meet Our Art Teacher


The classroom focus is hands-on music-making and movement in all grades with a foundation of folk music and percussion from around the world.  Students learn  to express themselves individually and in groups with music of other cultures and music of their choice.  Through guided inquiry students are encouraged to find and communicate  their own musical voice. 

Traditionally the year starts with music skill review in all grades and then a focus on the music of a particular culture.   Students show their growing abilities and understanding of culture through live performances.   The second trimester focuses on musical traditions within the Lincoln community and may or may not connect with seasonal holidays.  

With a huge increase in music education technology students have unlimited access to ways to create and compose their own music.  The theme of storytelling connects our whole curriculum and culminates in student written and composed musical stories. These have been performed live in costume, but are also digitally created and recorded with computer-based applications.

Meet Our music Teacher


Peter Finkel