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Cheerleaders during SAAC Basketball 2019
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Our After School Activities Program offers a cross-section of experiences for students to learn, practice new skills, and socialize, all while developing a sense of teamwork within a supportive environment. Each activity presents age appropriate opportunities for children to explore personal interests as well as play in friendly local competitions.  

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Athletics & Activities




Our elementary students present two shows during each school year, corresponding to the first and second semesters. Condors between Kinder and Gr. 5 work very hard  along with their teachers and coaches to deliver one of our community's most loved events of the year: the After School Activities Show. This event gathers Jazz, Hip Hop, and Creative Dancing students as well as our gymnasts! Absolutely incredible skills time after time in a fun, collaborative and exciting show!

Our taekwondo students have their own show in which Lincoln receives three other taekwondo schools for a joint demonstration. 




Our 4th and 5th grade students are invited to travel two to three times a year to participate in multiple sports and dance competitions. These trips can include amazing destinations such as the Mar del Plata, a city located in Buenos Aires' coastal area; Tandil,  a lovely city surrounded by hills; or Concepción del Uruguay, in the province of Entre Ríos. Our condors not only participate in sports and dancing activities of their choice with local schools. but also enjoy city tours and cultural experiences to learn more about this large and rich country!