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Art is a unique way to look both inwards and outwards, allowing us to gain knowledge about ourselves and about the world in all its diversity. At Lincoln we believe that a strong arts education helps students explore and appreciate global culture, sharpens expression skills, allows them to get in touch with their emotions (and those of others!) while developing their creativity and self-confidence. 

Visual Arts

We believe art education empowers critical thinking and problem-solving for the future. Our classes act to honor individual decision-making allowing students to transform their original ideas into reality.  We are committed to teaching and reinforcing the role of patience, persistence, risk-taking, and a growth mindset in our courses. 


a girls hand painting
Peter Pan and Wendy at the school play


Students in Performing Arts learn to create, connect, reflect and perform. 

Performing Arts


Lincoln provides students with a meaningful, positive, safe, relevant and culturally diverse education in the Performing Arts. Essential to this is the idea of collaboration and the shared experience. Through individual and ensemble work, students understand and reflect upon essential aspects of their character, finding meaningful connections between themselves and others.

It is the chief purpose of our program to help students to find fulfillment and joy in performance, pleasure and intellectual growth through appreciation of artistic expression, and commitment to a life-long engagement in the arts
Recognizing this as a process rather than a final product validates students’ learning regardless of skill level.


Lincoln's Music Department's vision  is to live the Lincoln mission through participation in a musical ensemble. Besides developing musicianship skills, students in Music will also become responsible and empathetic individuals as well as competent collaborators who understand and appreciate the value of human experience and expression through the arts.

Band members in high school

Arts in Elementary School

Elementary art class

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Arts in Middle School

digital art class in middle school

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Arts in High School

Students talking during Art Exhibition

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