A Community of Learning

Members of our community come from many different cultures around the world, speak many languages, follow various traditions, hold different beliefs and express ourselves in various ways. We value our differences and honor our diversity. Our mission joins us together, it is an ambitious quest that we offer to every single member of our community. 

We inspire and challenge all of our learners 

to be kind and ethical members of a global community. 

We empower them to develop into self-aware, confident, innovative, and

collaborative change-agents committed to honoring diversity and enhancing their world.

You will notice that in our mission, we do not mention the word “school” or “student”. That is because we believe that our entire world is a place for learning and that we are all learners. Children, teenagers, faculty, staff, parents, administrators, Board members - we are all learners. Here at Lincoln, we support, facilitate, lead, and amplify learning every single day. With so many diverse learners, we know that the learning journey is not the same for everyone, that students learn at different rates, are motivated in different ways, and can show their understanding through various means. At Lincoln, one size does not fit all. That is why we strive to create the best ways for learners to take ownership of their own learning journey,  and to challenge themselves to keep developing and growing. 

Our educational program promotes learning across all areas of development – cognitive, linguistic, physical, social, and emotional, organized into subject-area disciplines including Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Spanish, Performing Arts (Music and Drama), Visual Arts, Technology, and Physical Education. In each of these disciplines, specific content and skills at every grade level have been identified based on the US Common Core Standards. Local Argentine standards are integrated where appropriate within our curriculum. Technology is integrated across all subject areas and with an emphasis on learning through an inquiry approach, students are encouraged to be curious, to take ownership of their own learning and to demonstrate their progress in authentic and meaningful ways. Rather than emphasizing content coverage, our curriculum supports making interdisciplinary connections, using relevant global and local issues, actively participating in engaging experiences, and reflecting on their learning. Students receive personalized support where needed, from classroom teachers as well as from counselors, learning support specialists, and language specialists. High School students are supported in developing the self-confidence and academic prowess needed to gain access to the finest colleges in North America, and the world.  Lincoln has a successful track record preparing its students for the world´s top universities as well as arts, theater and music colleges.

Within our After School Activities Program, Service Learning Program, Student-led Clubs, Athletics Program, Field Trips, Internships, and Excursions, we offer many opportunities for students to develop a variety of skills and interests that enhance their entire Lincoln experience and prepare them for the world beyond Lincoln. 


We created a Definition of Learning to describe what we believe high quality learning looks like at Lincoln. This Definition provides accountability for us, from which we can design various learning experiences that will challenge and support our diverse student body. We also created a set of Attributes of a Lincoln Learner, which detail the specific qualities towards which all members of our Lincoln community should aspire. 

Definition of Learning

Learning is the intentional process of making sense of the world through exploration, expression, and reflection. The journey of life-long learning is transformative, inspires action, and opens new pathways.


Lincoln has three divisions, providing a closer-knit environment for students in similar age bands to interact and grow up together. Each division caters to the unique developmental needs of its students – the Elementary School serves children from ages 4 through Grade Five, the Middle School serves students in Grades Six, Seven and Eight, and High School serves students in Grades Nine, Ten, Eleven, and Twelve. Each division is led by an experienced Principal who is an instructional leader, working closely with a committed group of teachers to design a contemporary educational program that meets the diverse needs of its student body.

School Divisions