A Community of Learning

At Lincoln School we take pride in our amazing and diverse community of learners above all things. Whenever the question of what we love about Lincoln comes up, the word community is always at the top. 

Our main focus is to provide support and challenge for our students across the content areas and grade levels providing an inquiry-based, relevant and up-to-date curriculum that prepares our students for their future.

We also provide a unique learning experience that integrates the requirements of the Argentine and North American-accredited diplomas in a manner that allows for both to be earned simultaneously.

In the classroom, Lincoln teachers facilitate learning by encouraging students to take responsibility of their own learning through guided inquiry experiences.

Our school is a place where differences in culture, language, opinions and personal choices are not only accepted, but celebrated openly and in a manner that encourages reflection.

At Lincoln, we are striving to provide students with the academic and social skills that will allow them to contribute successfully to our globalized world.  

School Divisions

Elementary School

Middle School

High School