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Travel Protocols & Vaccines

Below is the most updated information regarding travel protocols and flight schedules during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Argentina, as well as information to register your vaccines in the official system if you vaccinated abroad.

All travelers must present:

  1. Negative PCR 72 hours prior to travel

  2. Antigen test upon landing

  3. Negative PCR between days 5 and 7 after arrival.

Argentine native, temporary, and permanent residents must present - WITH COMPLETE VACCINATION

  1. Complete Vaccination (2 doses) at least 14 days prior to travel date. On Mi Argentina App or original if vaccinated abroad.

  2. Take extreme measures of care during their first 10 dias after their 1st negative PCR

Argentine native, temporary and permanent residents must present - WITHOUT COMPLETE VACCINATION

  1. Any travellers without two doses of the vaccine will need to be isolated for the first 7 days in the country. 

IF YOUR PCR TEST IS POSITIVE: (as detected by one of the above test)

The travellers will be responsible for all costs associated with their isolation and genomic sequence test. 

The infected party as well as their family members (whomever lives in their home) will need to be isolated according to instructions of medical and state authorities. 


Immigration and Consular authorities will assist in the coordination of flights to return to Argentina, if the need should arise. This means that if you have flight cancellations due to borders closing again, you can contact the Argentine Consulate for assistance on getting on a flight sooner. This applies to Argentine nationals and residents. 


In the event that you have family planning to travel to Argentina for a familiar reunification, from a country that does not border Argentina, please note the following:

Documentation that proved a familial bond must be presented to authorities for entry to Argentina.

  • DNI of Resident

  • Marriage or Birth Certificate as proof of relationship to relatives.

  • Your relatives Passport

Currently, the expectation is that all international tourism will be allowed as of November 1st. 


Currently there is a quota of daily arrivals. The quota will be progressively eliminated: from October 1 to 3, 2,300 may enter per day, from October 4 to 10, 3,000 people per day (21,000 per week) may enter from October 11 onwards, 4,000 people per day may enter until November 1. - according to what Vizzotti announced - the antigen test is eliminated, which allows us to eliminate the quota at international airports. As of October 19th, there will be no limit on the number of passengers that can arrive. The reason for this is that Argentina has reached the threshold of 50% of their population with a complete vaccination scheme. 

Also, after 14 days since our country reaches 50% of the population with a complete vaccination scheme, those who enter the country with the vaccination scheme are exempt from performing the antigen test.

As of November 1st, Antigen Tests will be cancelled at the airport upon arrival. 

Source: Infobae & AviacionOnline


At this time all residents who have gotten their vaccinations abroad will be able to add their vaccination information in the Mi Argentina Website under tramites.

Once their information has been entered a PDF certificate will be shown. This certificate should be downloaded and kept on your device.

Source: Official Website


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